SubRoc Super Game

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SubRoc Super Game
System(s): Adam
Publisher: Coleco
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Coleco Adam
$? ?

SubRoc Super Game, casually known as Super SubRoc, is a version of SubRoc-3D for the Coleco Adam computer.

Originally planned for release on the ColecoVision (utilising the scrapped "Super Game Module" peripheral), Super SubRoc takes advantage of the Adam's superior technical specifications to bring back many of the features missing in the "standard" ColecoVision version of the game. Extra content aside, it is mostly identical to the ColecoVision version of the game, and does not add anything not seen in the original arcade version of SubRoc-3D.

SubRoc Super Game's original late 1984 release date caused much trouble during development. Despite being completed, the game was cancelled due to Coleco's decision to halt the production of Adam systems in January of 1985. However, it was later released for free to Adam enthusiasts by Coleco later in the year, with the caveat that all Coleco branding be removed should the game be distributed further. As a result, multiple variants of SubRoc Super Game exist with differing copyright information.

SubRoc Super Game is also interesting because it is the most accurate home conversion of SubRoc-3D (there were in fact only two ports; the other for the ColecoVision, which due to cartridge restraints is missing content).