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  • SONICRETRO: Someone mentioned that one of the people playing Game Gears in the movie Airheads is playing "Sonic the Hedgehog", but I wasn't able to find it. Perhaps there's another minor scene I missed?


  • YuGiOh - Enemy Controller
  • Dead Pixels - OutRun (ep1), Total War (ep2)[1]
  • Mission Hill - Ep 5, Kevin and his friends are seen playing a Dreamcast.[2]
  • London's Burning - , the firefighters were occasionally seen browsing the internet on a Dreamcast during their free time.[2]
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - the characters of Nick Stokes and Warrick Brown were hinted to be playing Dreamcast sports games, and Stokes was shown playing a Football game with a Dreamcast controller early in the first season. (IS THIS: CSI (Las Vegas) s1 ep1 - two main characters talk about NFL 2K[3] and I remember seeing a Dreamcast in one of the first episodes of CSI: Las Vegas, i don't remember which one, but they were playing NFL i think, and bragging about the graphics :p If i find it ill post pics[4] ORR "In the television show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the characters of Nick Stokes and Warrick Brown were hinted to be playing Dreamcast sports games, and Stokes was shown playing a Football game with a Dreamcast controller early in the first season."[2]?)
  • Dream Team - members of the Harchester United F.C. were often seen playing the Dreamcast.[2]
  • The Drew Carey Show - Dreamcast in Season 6 (previous seasons feature a Sega Saturn).[2]
  • Better Drew Carey Show pics+info here[4]
  • 1999 MTV Video Music Awards - Sega was a sponsor. During the program, Ulala (of Space Channel 5 fame) announced the nominees for the Viewers' Choice category.[2]
  • Spaced - Dreamcast in the background[2][4]
  • Casualty - a boy with a Game Gear is electrocuted (not by the Game Gear). The Game Gear is later smashed by the child's irate mother. It was probably episode 7x19, which aired 23 January 1993.
  • Adventure Time - Finn and Jake are playing a pretty obvious Phantasy Star Parody. It even makes fun of the game's notorious grind.
  • Solar Opposites - Dreamcast mention in first episode. Also, something playing something similar to a Saturn.
  • Norm - Season 2, One episode has Norm's boss finding out that he bought a handheld game with money from the office-- the handheld game is shown and it is a VMU.
  • Genshiken - some characters are playing Puyo Puyo Fever on a PS2. They even talk about it, Its kinda important for the plot of that episode.
  • Good Morning America - Dreamcast[4]
  • 2 Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place - Dreamcast in character's apartment[3]
  • Your Name - Dreamcast controller[5]
  • Malcolm in the Middle - Another episode features them playing Dreamcast[5][4]
  • Malcolm in the Middle - A Dreamcast box is seen in a background shot.[4]
  • Ben-To - apparently has four total episodes dedicated to VF2/The Saturn (eps. 3, 4, 8, and 9)[6]
  • X-Files - Season 3 Episode 3 where Mulder and Scully investigate a series of lightning-related deaths in a small town. Mulder finds the murder suspect’s high scores as DPO on the VF2 arcade machine.[6] (I think this is the same one with the GHZ arcade music...)
  • MTV Cribs (Redman) - Dreamcast[5]
  • MTV Cribs - Wu Tang Clan playing some DoA game
  • MTV Cribs - another episode where some football or basketball player had a Dreamcast because Sega Sports gave him one. He was apparently a featured player in one of those games (I don't remember exactly). Or maybe I just made that up and it was the Redman one that I saw lol.
  • Bodacious Space Pirates - Unknown reference[4]
  • Subway commercial - Unknown reference
  • Honto ni Anna! Reibai Sensei - A reference From episode 6.[7]
  • Gantz - Kaze does one of Akira’s moves to kill a demon. Additionally, Takeshi gets killed by an abusive boyfriend, only to play VF4.[6]
  • Air Master - Ep 1, 17, 18 references[6]
  • Homestar Runner - In a Strong Bad email, Homestar takes Strongbad's place and answers an email asking if he has ever "made anything out of anything". Homestar cheerfully states that he made coasters out of old "SEGA tapes", and the short cuts to a shot of Mega Drive-like cartridges with drinks resting on them.
  • Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius - an episode where the title card parodies the Sega logo.
  • Squid Girl - episode 4: It's clearly Columns. Ep 10: Streets of Rage. EPxx: Bonanza Bros
  • World God Only Knows - episode 12. SAGA SATURN and Cream cast. Later on in the episode there's a Mega Five. It's hard to think of a console not mentioned/spoofed in this episode.
  • Bob's Burgers - Season 5 Episode 9 "Speakeasy Rider" reference
  • Gintama - there have been a couple of times where it references SEGA from what I've watched. First one is this from an arc where the cast tries to win a Bentendo OwEe: Second reference was this, in which Gintoki and Zura are turned into old men: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x9ukgb_gintama-parodies-megadrive-owners_fun Which becomes a running joke with old Gintoki saying "In the end, you played the Mega Drive too" throughout the episode.[8]
  • Orange is the New Black - reference in "latest season of the show"[8]
  • Can Can Bunny - Ep 4some reference
  • "Malaki animation" - Mega Drive reference
  • "popular spanish sitcom" - Dreamcast, I found this vid of an episode ive never seen where the same dude is playing videos games with a millenium 2000 pink DC controller. If you fast fotward to 9:04[4]
  • More unmarked refs[4]
  • What's the reference here?[9]


Album artwork
  • matusa - プレザント株式会社。has a Sega name ref in a song. For eventual "Names" section.
  • Not samples, but MJ's Blood on the Dance Floor and Stranger in Moscow?
  • CGI Gold
  • nano - █▓▒▒F U N S T A T I O N▒▒▓█
  • jp - SHOPPINGTIMES (from MARKET WORLD) samples that one song from Shenmue.
  • VAPERROR - Sega Dreamland (Dreamcast startup sound, right? <- never owned a DC)
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  • Project Pat freestyle[10]
  • Justice (music video)[11]
  • Music references obfuscated by old forum code.[12][11]