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To do

  • Sanshiro was mostly (all?) Fujioka's idea, as a way of getting in touch with and being a positive role model for children.
  • Mention how Sanshiro came back for that new Sega Shiro commercial.
  • Fujioka was initially apprehensive about portraying a man that physically accosted people, to which he was told something like, "Well yeah, but make sure to beat people with confidence and strength so it looks more like a judo thing than an abusive thing".
  • A lot of writing about Sanshiro refers to him beating people as "sanctioning" them. Which I'm assuming best translates to chastising or scolding. The article now looks fine, but there's got to be a better way to phrase this. He's technically beating them, but- it's in the context of like, a master beating their student so they eventually improve... its not done out of malice, and that needs to be clearly stated in the summary, but not in a wordy way.
  • While Fujioka's getting his own page, there needs to be a decently-comprehensive summary of his history, and the behind-the-scenes work of actually filming these commercials.
  • Full list of commercials, and get them hosted.
  • "Cult following" needs to be here somewhere.
  • Stuff about his son, etc.
  • Fujioka's contract was set to expire near the end of the Saturn's life, but Sanshiro's popularity caused Sega to extend the contract a few years into the life of the Dreamcast.
  • Figure out what to do with relevant Lyrics sections (other than not have them at all. Normally I'd agree, but there are specific cases where a song's lyrics are relevant enough to post on the main article). Is there some kind of template/formatting which can consolidate the section into a dropdown or something? I don't mind these sections, but they take up a TON of space, and multicol'ing them doesn't feel right.
  • Sega still currently owns the rights to the character.
  • How Sanshiro's character (or his vague archetype) was instantly recognizable by the majority of the Japanese populace, and its effect on increasing JP Saturn sales.

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