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This is a wiki task that requires more thought or peer review. An important issue that needs to be solved, which will appear at the top of Sega Retro:Todo until this message is removed.


I thought it might be a good idea to upload photos/scans of the labels of Sega consoles - Pirate Dragon uploaded a few for Master System consoles a couple of years ago, and it seemed sensible.

Then I noticed the "tvsystem" field - that seemed less sensible, because if we're dividing by country anyway, it's unlikely television standards are going to change. And then I remembered that some countries like to put extra stickers on for television standards... and then I wondered if actually, this whole column was unnecessary.

I think what we should be doing is, rather than having a single photo of a console, we should be aiming for multiple shots at different angles. I've knocked up this guide to try and illustrate my point:

HardwarePhotoGuide.png (my apologies to the colourblind)

So much like we do with box scans, but with an extra 6 photographs taken at an angle which are more pleasing on the eye.

A real world example (though bear in mind that we don't have enough photographs for this to work):

Treamcast closed.jpg Dreamcast JP.jpg DCProto1.jpg Notavailable.svg Dreamcast Diagram2.svg Notavailable.svg

Notavailable.svg MegaJet Alpine.jpg Notavailable.svg MegaJet Alpine Back.jpg MegaJet Alpine Top.jpg MegaJet Alpine Bottom.jpg

I hope this sense - the idea, anyway, is if we have photographs from all angles, we won't need separate uploads for labels.

-Black Squirrel (talk) 12:49, 31 August 2018 (CDT)