The Cave/Changelog

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Android: 1.1.9

* Performance tuning for several older devices
* The Cave is now available on Set Top Boxes and defaults to controller input if no touchscreen is available
* Fix pause menu flicker on some devices

Android 1.1.3

* Fix corrupt files on google play patch for 1.1.2 which caused crashes for some users

Android 1.1.2

* Fix invisible characters on some android devices
* Fix issue where some devices could lock during gameplay, and fixed resuming on those devices
* Improve performance on many devices
* Several crash fixes

iOS: 1.2

Bug Fixes
Achievement fixes

Steam: 2013-02-11

Update Includes:

- Added new, super high quality anti-aliasing – Super Sample Anti Aliasing. Users can enable it by toggling “SSAA” in the visual settings.
- Lots of fixes to various gameplay bugs that could cause characters or items to go missing, especially after loading from saves in certain spots.
- Fixed the bug that could cause the game to very rarely write out garbage/invalid save files.