Unlicensed Mega Drive clones

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The Sega Mega Drive was a commonly cloned console during the 1990s, especially in smaller markets. There are potentially hundreds of different models, though few have been documented on the internet. This page covers some of the consoles that we know exist, but don't know much else about.

Super Alpha II

Found in Taiwan, model number SB-003. This one has a slightly different shell and is more akin to the European model.

"16 Bit Game"

Dodgy looking Mega Drive clone from China, complete with crazy light gun.

16 Bit TV Game

Also from China, two clones by a company known as "Gap International Limited". One looks like a Mega Drive 2 in white, the other is completely new. Model numbers GA-16B1 and GA-16B2 respectively.

Mega Drive III

Sega Mega Drive clone with custom body shape

Micro Genius III

Similar to the above.

Retro Genesis Modern

N64-like case with Sega Saturn-like controllers. Uses the TCT-6801 console-on-a-chip. Has a 4-position region switch and a NTSC/PAL switch. Comes with 170 built-in games (some in Russian). The controllers have 2 Mode buttons (what would be the L and R buttons on a Sega Saturn controller).


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