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"Não há vida no frio, na escuridão. Aqui, no vazio, só há morte."

I'm Portuguese... and a humble contributor to this wiki... my age 37... "I WAS THERE"....


Dragon Ball Z: Buyuu Retsuden MD Portuguese Cover

The VHS tape that "inspired" ECOFILMES :

and the tv commercial...

Some Portuguese curiosities

Clube Sega Portugal: ... sorry... just in Portuguese...


Just a cool tribute/fan page that i discovered before joining Retro about ToeJam & Earl... is no big deal ... i just want to share it with you Folks... if you want me to remove it, just order it ... and I'll remove it immediatly. Here

In Memoriam

Lithos Video Club

(Ponte de Lima[1][2], Viana do Castelo, Portugal... for Japanese audiences, ...)


(Agente Autorizado SEGA = SEGA Authorized Agent / Retailer)

Requiescat In Pace

All Portuguese Sega Stuff (covers, manuals , scans, Ecofilmes game codes, console boxes,etc) uploaded by Asagoth, Courtesy of

My Portuguese fellow User:Toze3 ... all credits go to him ...


Tomorrow I will buy a scanner to preserve this "babies" here ... you guys will see them, very soon... I promise...

Edit: Good news... Asagoth finally bought a scanner ... the bad news... it will only arrive on Tuesday because they're sold out ... I'll have to wait until they receive the next stock of scanners... =(

Puzzle & Action: Tant-R/Ichidant-R

This two arcade games were once at this arcade in Portugal ... Tant-R in Japanese and Ichidant-R in English...

To avoid misunderstanding


  • Who is Asagoth ? :
a Sega/Sonic Retro servant...
  • What he does here?:
He spends his few free time helping his People building this two valuable wikis...
  • What Asagoth has to do ?:
research and download stuff from the internet, with the sole purpose of preserving valuable info about Sega and its history not just for the Sega/Sonic Retro community but to everyone in general...
  • Is Asagoth's paid, rewarded, for his work ?:
Yes, Asagoth became a Sega/Sonic Retro member... so Sega/Sonic Retro owes nothing to Asagoth... it's actually the other way arround... Asagoth owes everything to Sega/Sonic Retro...
  • What Asagoth will continue to do? :
as every research machine... Asagoth don't thinks... Asagoth acts... Asagoth will download everything he founds in the internet to be preserved here... and he will just stop doing it at the request of his high-ups...
  • Will Asagoth ever be mass produced and licensed to third parties? :
As a rudimentary research machine... Asagoth will never be mass produced or licensed to third parties... neverthless he is considered Sega/Sonic Retro property.. so he may not be reproduced or distributed, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of the Sega/Sonic Retro Administrators...