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|Mega Drive 2 || HAA-2502 || SA-190 || JP || n/a || || n/a
|Mega Drive 2 || HAA-2502 || SA-190 || JP || n/a || || n/a
==money money money==
just trying to make the world dance, forget about the price tag
===Generic(?) tokens===
<gallery widths="80px" heights="80px">
No pic|Rounded, old style logo
No pic|Rounded, old style logo "Sega Amusement Arcade"
File:SpecialAward Coin.jpg|"Special Award"
===From specific venues===
<gallery widths="80px" heights="80px">
No pic|Sega Speedway (Daytona USA-themed coins from an arcade next to the Daytona speedway)
GiftGateSegaWorld Coin Head.jpg|"Gift gate Sega World" (Philippines?)
GiftGateSegaWorld Coin Tail.jpg
No pic| Sega World Xujiahui, Shanghai
No pic|Sega Pollettautomater (red side)
WDK coin heads.jpg|Groupe Sega WDK S.A (Euro Disney?)
WDK coin tails.jpg
Sega1994 Coin.jpg|Amusement theme park sega 1994
No pic|SS Mega World Sega
UnknownCoin 1.jpg|???
</gallery>[email protected]/sets/
==Text replaces to do when the extension is fixed==
==Text replaces to do when the extension is fixed==

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Remember: Andlabs' scan tracker is lovely

I do not lay claim to anything listed on this page - you should totally step in and get this stuff done if you think you can. And if you think you can't... step in anyway. Please step in. Stepping in is good


aka other lists

links and ting

unexplained md clones

[1][2][3] [4][5] most of these have product code "9901"

unexplained game gears

  • Game Gear + Columns (apparently AU) "Bonus Columns Game Included"
  • Game Gear 4 something Uno (ES?) (4-in-1)
  • Game Gear + Sonic 2 (region unknown)
  • Game Gear Plus + bag? (region unknown) orange sticker
  • Game Gear Multi-TV-Set (DE?)

Mega Drive Serials

people probably know these answers but hoarding information is for smelly people

name model power country "hd graphics" rf out back EXT port
Mega Drive HAA-2510 SA-160 Japan
Mega Drive HAA-2510 SA-160A Japan noop yeep
Mega Drive PAL-G 1601-03 ----- ?? noop
Mega Drive PAL-I 1601-05 ----- UK noop yeep noop
Mega Drive PAL-G 1601-13 ----- ??
Mega Drive 1601-15 ----- ??
Mega Drive PAL-G 1601-18 ----- ??
Mega Drive PAL-I 1600-05 ----- ??
Genesis System Console MK-1631 2103 US n/a
Mega Drive 2 MK-1631-50 ----- EU n/a n/a
Mega Drive 2 MK-1631-16 ----- ?? n/a n/a
Mega Drive 2 HAA-2502 SA-190 JP n/a n/a

Text replaces to do when the extension is fixed

  • DOS -> IBM PC
  • Super Hang-On -> Super Hang-On (home computers)
  • Category:Programs -> something better
  • Lots of cack on Sonic Retro