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aka other lists

links and ting - The technical term is "Chirashi" (チラシ) which are flyers of certain dimensions used to promote Japanese movies (and apparently video games). Lots and lots. [1] [2] [3] (bar some) [4]

russian books "Dreamcast Premiére" - European PC disc with art assets from 2000.

definitely need pages

A list of awkward arcade machines

where does saddam hussain keep his spices

double packs

  • Double Pack: Something and Something Else

Telstar Double Value Games:




this noise

Hashy Top-In LCD

  • Columns
  • Fantasy Zone
  • Hang-On
  • Pengo

slot machines

I thought this was covered but apparently not [5] [6] [7] [8]




for Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Nights fans. i.e. not me

probably need pages - needs more research

Atari 2600

Thoughts are that these just got names and box art, no code:


Don't know if these differ significantly from their LCD counterparts - someone find out

Daytona USA,
DaytonaUSA RZone US Box Front.jpg
Indy 500,
Indy500 RZone US Box Front.jpg
NiGHTS RZone US Box Back.jpgNiGHTS RZone US Box Front.jpg
Panzer Dragoon,
PanzerDragoon RZone US Box Front.jpg
Virtua Cop,
VirtuaCop2 RZone US Box Front.jpg
Virtua Fighter,
VirtuaFighter2 RZone US Box Front.jpg
VirtuaFighter2 RZone US Cart.jpg

unexplained md clones

[9][10][11] [12][13] most of these have product code "9901"

compilation stuffs

views on this please - do we want pages and scans, or do we not care enough

  • 100% Dynamite (Ocean) (After Burner, Double Dragon, Last Ninja 2, WEC Le Mans) | C64/CPC/Spectrum
  • Atari Power Pack (Atari??) (R-Type, OutRun, Eliminator, Gauntlet II, Overlander, Double Dragon, Bombuzal, Space Harrier, Bomb Jack, Nebulus, Blacklamp, After Burner, Super Hang-On, Pac-Mania, Predator, Starglider (+ 4 more?)) | (Atari ST)
  • Chart Attack (U.S. Gold) (Ghouls'n Ghosts, Moonwalker, Turbo OutRun) | C64/Spectrum(?)
  • Demons & Drivers (US Gold) (Ghouls'n Ghosts, Turbo OutRun) | Amiga (disk) C64/Spectrum (cassette)
  • Fists of Fury Edition 2 (Virgin Games) (Dynamite Dux, Shinobi, Double Dragon II, The Ninja Warriors) (Amiga/Atari ST/CPC/Spectrum)
  • Giants (US Gold) (Rolling Thunder, Gauntlet II, 720, OutRun, California Games) | (Spectrum)
  • Frogger / Threshold (??) | (C64)
  • The Gold Collection (US Gold) | Beach Head, Buck Rogers, Zaxxon, Blue Max, Spy Hunter (*), Tapper (*) | (Spectrum)
  • Grand Prix Selection (Electric Dreams) (Super Sprint, Championship Sprint, Super Hang-On) | CPC/C64/Spectrum (cassette)
  • Magnum 4 (Ocean) (After Burner, Operation Wolf, Double Dragon, Batman) | Amiga/Atari ST
  • Winners (US Gold) (Thunder Blade, L.E.D. Storm, Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom, Blasteroids, Impossible Mission II)

  • Comanche Hokum/Virtua Fighter 2 (Fair Game, France?)
  • Driving Collection' (Emire) (Europe Racer, London Racer, Crazy Taxi)
  • Ecco/Tuneland (Packard Bell PC bundle 1997)
  • Games Mania (Grabit) (Sega Rally, Archangel, SWWS PC, Jewel Shooter, Sonic R, Xing Omaha Hold'em Poker, Virtua Fighter, The Legend of Luwa, The House of the Dead 2, Dragon X Gold Quest) (PC CD)
  • Race Collection (Empire) (Ford Racing 2001, Supercar Street Challenge, Sega Rally)
  • Race Collection (Empire; six disc) (Ford Racing 2001, Supercar Street Challenge, Sega Rally, Total Immersion Racing, Extreme Biker, Sonic R)

  • At least two Comix Zone/Ecco discs for Packard Bell PCs.

unexplained game gears

  • Game Gear + Columns (apparently AU) "Bonus Columns Game Included"
  • Game Gear 4 something Uno (ES?) (4-in-1)
  • Game Gear + Sonic 2 (region unknown)
  • Game Gear Plus + bag? (region unknown) orange sticker
  • Game Gear Multi-TV-Set (DE?)

Mega Drive Serials

people probably know these answers but hoarding information is for smelly people

name model power country "hd graphics" rf out back EXT port
Mega Drive HAA-2510 SA-160 Japan
Mega Drive HAA-2510 SA-160A Japan noop yeep
Mega Drive PAL-G 1601-03 ----- ?? noop
Mega Drive PAL-I 1601-05 ----- UK noop yeep noop
Mega Drive PAL-G 1601-13 ----- ??
Mega Drive 1601-15 ----- ??
Mega Drive PAL-G 1601-18 ----- ??
Mega Drive PAL-I 1600-05 ----- ??
Genesis System Console MK-1631 2103 US n/a
Mega Drive 2 MK-1631-50 ----- EU n/a n/a
Mega Drive 2 MK-1631-16 ----- ?? n/a n/a
Mega Drive 2 HAA-2502 SA-190 JP n/a n/a

money money money

just trying to make the world dance, forget about the price tag

Generic(?) tokens

From specific venues



  • Arsenal
  • Sampdoria
  • Deportivo de La Coruna
  • AS Saint-Étienne


  • JEF United

for arcade specalists

replacement control panels for Sega arcade cabinets

cabinet owners are more likely to understand this than I am.

  • Sega Boardmaster (two releases)
  • Vega 2000
  • Vega 9000DX
  • Super Vega 21

undocumented things

change machines