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| front=HotD Sat AS gun cover.jpg
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| back=
| spinemissing=yes
| spinemissing=
| square=yes
| square=yes

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Saturn HSS-0122.jpg
Virtua Gun
Manufacturer: Sega
Made for: Sega Saturn
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥2,9002,900[1] HSS-0122
Sega Saturn
¥2,9002,900[1] HSS-0152
Sega Saturn
$49.9949.99[2] MK-80113
Sega Saturn
Sega Saturn
Sega Saturn

The Virtua Gun, known as the Stunner in North America, is the official light-gun peripheral for the Sega Saturn.

As the name might suggest, the Virtua Gun was built for Virtua Cop and Virtua Cop 2 in mind, and was bundled with these games as a result (though it was also available separately). It was also bundled with The House of the Dead in Europe and Asia.

Japanese Virtua Guns are black, European models are blue and North American models are red. At the time, many light-gun peripherals were forced to use bright colours or non-realistic designs due to fears that it they could be linked with gun crime.

Compatible games

Photo gallery

Magazine articles

Main article: Virtua Gun/Magazine articles.

Physical scans

Saturn, US
Stunner Saturn US Box Top.jpg
Stunner Saturn US Box Back.jpgStunner Saturn US Box Spine.jpgSaturn 80113 box.jpgStunner Saturn US Box Spine2.jpg
Stunner Saturn US Box Bottom.jpg
Saturn, US (Virtua Cop)
VirtuaCop Saturn US Box Back Stunner.jpgNospine-small.pngSaturn 80313 box-2.jpg
Saturn, US (Virtua Cop 2)
VirtuaGun US VC2 Box Front.jpg
Saturn, EU
VirtuaGun EU Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngSaturn MK-80311 box.jpg
Saturn, EU (Virtua Cop)
VirtuaGun Saturn EU Box Back VirtuaCop.jpgNospine-small.pngVirtuaGun EU VC Box Front.jpg
Saturn, EU (Virtua Cop 2)
VirtuaGun EU Box Back VC2.jpgNospine-small.pngVirtuaGun EU VC2 Box Front.jpg
Saturn, EU (The House of the Dead)
VirtuaGun Saturn EU Box Back tHotD.jpgNospine-small.pngSaturn MK-80311 box-2.jpg
Saturn, JP (HSS-0122)
Saturn HSS-0122 box-1.jpg
Saturn, JP (HSS-0152)
Saturn HSS-0152 box-2.jpgNospine-small.pngSaturn HSS-0152 box-1.jpg
Saturn, JP (Virtua Cop)
VirtuaGun Saturn JP Box Back VirtuaCop.jpgNospine-small.pngSaturn HSS-0122 box-2.jpg
Saturn, JP (Virtua Cop 2)
Saturn HSS-0152 box-3.jpg
Saturn, KR (Virtua Cop)
Virtua Cop Bundle Saturn KR Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngVirtua Cop Bundle Saturn KR Box Front.jpg
Saturn, AS (The House of the Dead)
HotD Sat AS gun cover.jpg


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