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Wonderland Wars
System(s): Nu
Publisher: Sega
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Arcade (Nu)
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Wonderland Wars (ワンダーランド ウォーズ) is an arcade strategy game similar to Sangokushi Taisen.


Like Border Break, it translates a popular western genre, that being the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), and translates it to Japanese arcades. The game plays with one joystick and a pen to use to manipulate the game’s environment, and perform and execute actions.

At first you choose four out of more than 20 characters, with multiple variations, for a 4vs4 match. They have health, magic, base attack, speed, and drawing distance stats (related to effectiveness of drawing with the pen). You level your character and customize them with different cards to either apply different “attack skills”, assist cards and during a pitch during a match you can activate an ultimate “Soul Card”, that could be a deciding factor during a match. Like in Sangokushi Taisen, an actual K.O. or the opponents higher health bar after the time limit decides the match. To knock down the enemies health, you defeat your opponent characters as well as the castles stationed on the field.

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