World Club Champion Football

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The lesser known World Club Champion Football series is a set of arcade games produced by Sega in partnership with the Panini Group. Each game is essentially a giant football simulator, in which every player's actions are dictated by the statistics held on special cards (available separately). Players manage teams and compete in friendlies, leagues and tournaments, though does not control players directly. Users can, of course, dictate which players should be used, and as of 2012 there are over a thousand different cards in existence.

Originally based on the Italian Serie A football league, the game was expanded to include European teams in 2005, and international teams in 2007. Sega have released an updated version of the game every year since the series' inception in 2002, though several entries have remained exclusive to Japan. In order to work effectively, an arcade operator would need to set up four or eight World Club Champion Football cabinets and link them together as part of a network. Due to the amount of space required it is typically more suited to bigger arcades, and is therefore less common to see than other arcade games.