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DGen 1.21 running Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on Windows.

DGen is a Sega Mega Drive emulator written by Dave, the same author of many other emulators such as FinalBurn. It was originally developed only for Microsoft Windows (though version 1.04a was also released for DOS), and later ported to a variety of systems.

A port of DGen using SDL as a backend, under the name DGen/SDL, was written by Joe Groff, whom worked on it until July 2001. Although Joe Groff focused on Linux, the use of SDL allowed easy adaptation for other Unix systems such as BeOS and BSD.

In 2008 Bertrand "Tamentis" Janin created a Sourceforge project for DGen/SDL, releasing the source code of version 1.23, in an attempt to relive it. Zamaz and a handful of other developers subsequently restarted development in 2011, updating it actively until 2014. Compared to the original emulator, DGen/SDL has seen the addition of new features - video filters, a vi-like command interface, region auto-selection and a m68k debugger.

There is also a PlayStation Portable port developed by Syn-Z[1].



Downloads can be found on the DGen/SDL Sourceforge page.



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Prior versions

Download.svg Download DGen versions 1.00-1.21
File: DGen old versions.7z (1.47 MB) (info)
Note: Versions 1.06 and 1.18 are missing. The source code of versions 1.02 and 1.08 were released as 'v1.03' and 'v1.09', respectively.
  • DGen v1.00 (1999-05-01)
  • DGen v1.0B (1999-05-01)
  • DGen v1.01 (1999-05-05)
  • DGen v1.02 (1999-05-16)
  • DGen v1.03 (1999-05-16) (source)
  • DGen v1.04 (1999-05-22)
  • DGen v1.05 (1999-05-25)
  • DGen v1.06 (1999-05-xx) (missing)
  • DGen v1.07 (1999-05-26)
  • DGen v1.08 (1999-05-27)
  • DGen v1.09 (1999-05-28) (source)
  • DGen v1.10 (1999-05-29)
  • DGen v1.11 (1999-06-15)
  • DGen v1.12 (1999-06-16)
  • DGen v1.13 (unreleased due to several bugs)
  • DGen v1.14 (1999-07-06)
  • DGen v1.15 (1999-07-07)
  • DGen v1.15 (1999-07-07) (source)
  • DGen v1.16 (1999-07-10)
  • DGen v1.17 (1999-08-20)
  • DGen v1.17 (1999-08-20) (source)
  • DGen v1.18 (2000-01-xx) (missing; glitchy)
  • DGen v1.181 (2000-01-18)
  • DGen v1.19 (2000-01-19)
  • DGen v1.20 (2000-01-26)
  • DGen v1.21 (2000-01-30)

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