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Football Manager 2006
Publisher: Sega
System(s): PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, Windows PC, Mac
Genre: Simulation

Release Date RRP Code
Windows PC
¥7,800 (8,190) HCJ-0385
Windows PC
JP (Rerelease)
¥3,619 (3,800) HCJ-0387
Windows PC
US (PC/Mac)
$? ?
Windows PC
EU (White Label)
€? ? ?
Windows PC
EU (PC/Mac)
€? ? INL-S021

Sony PlayStation Portable
€? ? ?

Xbox 360
€? ? ?

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Football Manager 2006 (フットボールマネージャー2006), known as Worldwide Soccer Manager 2006 in the US and Canada, is a football management sim developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega for the Windows PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PlayStation Portable. It is a sequel to Football Manager 2005.

The PSP version of the game is slightly different due to hardware limitations (presumably disc capacity and screen resolution) and is titled Football Manager Handheld.


System Version Size Date Changes Ref Icon
Windows PC
0000060000000000030000000000006.0.3 73 MB 200602202006-02-20
Football Manager ...
Football Manager 2006 v6.0.3

This patch contains all the fixes in previous :

+ Fixed board confidence errors, sometimes board would expect higher league position when team was already top.
+ Stopped Chairman from purchasing goalkeepers (Chairman Interference)
+ Fixed a manager promise crash
+ Stopped managers being able to release comments whilst match is in progress
+ Stopped Jermaine Defoe (similar High Profile Players) from demanding really low min fee release clauses
+ Fix AI for relegation wage decrease
+ Restricted number of non-eu signings for certain eastern european countries
+ If player is set to retire in the distant future but is without a club he will now sit on the free transfer list for a while and then bring his retirement date forward
+ Tuned 'wants_first_team_football' unhapiness to make it less likely that really young players will moan about not getting first team football
+ Fixed code appearing in landmark games-in-charge news items
+ Fixed a memory leak when confirming your tactics during a match.
+ Fixed occasional game freeze when updating abilities for some players.
+ Fixed crash in some situations where certain squad selections rules combined with extreme player availability issues caused the match to crash.
+ Fixed occasional problems with club finances that could cause a crash.
+ Fixed a situation in tactics outside a match where it could loose your tactical changes (if you picked a preset tactic and then browse off the screen).
+ Fixed problem in network games where sometimes a client going into a match would mean you get stuck and can't go anywhere.
+ Restricted interest levels from fairly high profile players concerning joining smaller clubs
+ Restricted foreign signings for Welsh/N Irish/Rep Irish league teams
+ Fixed certain scenarios where a client viewing a match left the match, match may not send the new match syncs to other clients.
+ Fixed a problem which caused some slow-down in future seasons.

+ Last round of group matches in Olympics should now be played at the same time.
+ Fixed Czech teams having friendlies incorrectly (too soon) scheduled during 16th - 31st Dec.
+ Hong Kong cup competitions: fixed game counting Chinese players as real foreigners.
+ If a club wins both the Rio de Janeiro Opening and Closing championships, this club now becomes the Rio de Janeiro State
Champion regardless of which team got more points in total.
+ One team is now relegated from Chinese First National Division in 2006 season.
+ Slovakia: FA Cup winner should now get into UEFA Cup in 05/06 season.
+ Brazilian teams can sign as many foreigners as they want.
+ Sudamericano Sub-20: Fixed problem where games where being played at the stadium of one of the countries in the competition that was randomly chosen instead of stadiums within host nation.
+ Sudamericano Sub-20: added correct 2005 host (Columbia), added 2007 host (Paraguay), added 2009 host (Peru).
+ Fix for whereby a team that wins a cup competition and is meant to play in continental competition wasn't because they where outside the top division.
+ Ensured Australian NSL clubs don't get youth players in excess of maximum squad limit.
+ Improvements to Australian squad rules.
+ Spain: fixed problem where non-eu player is getting picked for a match by AI despite not being registered and not having a squad number.
+ Removed non-eu player restrictions in polish league.
+ Brazilian based players now go on holiday.
+ Fixed bug where Greek teams like AEK and Panathinaikos where playing all their champions league group matches in 2nd season at home.
+ The minimum of one Malaysian national U21 player meant for Super League but was applied to FA Cup has now been removed for FA Cup.
+ Malaysian players are now considered foriegn to Brunei team DPMM.

+ Hong Kong players are foreign to Dongguan Lianhua.
Windows PC
0000060000000000010000000000006.0.1 91 MB 200510202005-10-20
Football Manager ...
Football Manager 2006 v6.0.1 Build 70473

+ Fixed problem with portugeause league and foreigner rule, counting any non-portugeuse players as being foreign, instead of non-EU.
+ Fixed random unregistering of players in leagues which restrict re-registering of players to certain times of the year (Portugal/Spain/Mexico etc)
+ Fixed potential injury news item crash (trying to display injury league table for a non-existent competition).
+ Fixed a crash at the end of the season in Belgium when running with top division only.
+ Added extra sanity checks for manager reputation, to help prevent quick escalation of reputation.

Football Manager 2006 v6.0.1 Original


+ Tuning of young player physical progression
+ Spanish regenerated players and virtual players do not get given common names as much.
+ Goalkeeping coaches now do not have high ratings for other coaching types.
+ Loan players who have a "cannot play in cup matches" clause, can play in competitions which their main team are not entered for.
+ Arsenal now use their red and white home top from the 2006 season onwards.
+ Slovenian wages tuned.
+ Mental attributes and happiness have more effect on training levels
+ Ensured team talk slight concerns get cleared down for loan players who have been loaned from non_selected leagues.
+ Toned down severe post-match player morale changes, this ensures players take at least a couple of good matches to go from poor/very poor morale to very good/superb morale and vice versa
+ Ensured human managers don't get criticised for not praising thier own players when in fact they have left team-talks to their assistant managers.
+ Stopped "grey team managers" being given negative attributes and therefore sabotaging their own teams causing some very big defeats.
+ Teams in the same division should not have the potential for a giant-killing news story even if one is semi-pro and one is pro.
+ Prevented board/fans/former club favourite/current player congratulations news items from appearing after a team has qualified for the Uefa Cup via the Intertoto Cup
+ Adjusted the increase / decrease of human manager visible attributes.
+ Reduced inflation of price clubs are willing to pay for a player based on domestic average rating.
+ Ensured assistant coach/manager can't give feedback on himself.
+ Some tweaks to coach and team reports.
+ Monaco virtual players now have French nationality instead of having Monaco set as their nation.
+ Fixed stadium expansion bug where team would sometimes not move back to their old stadium once it was finished.
+ Fixed problem where some players would start the first season with stats from the previous year
+ Fixed second nationalities for regens - previously weren't getting set properly.
+ Fixed problem with caretakers manager's hanging around for ages without being offered the job or a replacement being found
+ Fixed differing time periods for injury between profile and physio report
+ Fixed players reaction to manager mind-games not showing up on client machines when playing network game.
+ Fixed receiving news story stating Liverpool fifth times when should be sixth times champions.
+ Fixed cases of manager being hired from within the club having the wrong 'time in charge' stat
+ Fixed players on loan at a club who are signing for them at a later date (e.g. Laurent Robert) getting wrong player_bio about them.
+ Fixed a bug where you can fine a player who is on loan to you and he will get upset with the club that owns the player.


+ Injury league table not filled in for domestic leagues that had finished.
+ Squad screen filters now filter WB L/DM (C) players correctly.
+ You now have to pick a goalkeeper in quick tactics like you do in detailed tactics.
+ Added "Help" to the Mac menu bar to follow standard behaviour on the platform.
+ Help for "offer to clubs" now shows the correct information (instead of the "transfer offer " page).
+ Pressing the escape key now closes the help dialog.
+ Training section "attributes" list could display slightly different values than the player profile.
+ Improved goal net graphics.
+ 3rd placed Royal League teams displayed the 3rd placed team order instead of the proper group they were in.
+ Used "Far" as short text for both "attack far post" and "stand on far post".
+ Squad filters for teams works for b-teams if user is browsing the game without having added a human player.
+ "Release comment" section disappeared when you clicked on another section of a player (before you had confirmed the comment).
+ You were able to change some tactical settings from the full time team talks.
+ If you used quick flicks to go to next team while on your own tactics section you might end up seeing their instructions.
+ Referees now show a 'Based' city (if city is known) instead of showing an unknown city of birth on their profile.
+ Clicking 'View Draw' might not take you to the results of the draw if you viewed a different section of the same competition.
+ Minimum fee release clause was not visible while making a transfer offer for players in countries where this is mandatory (Spain).
+ Substituting a player at half time would initially leave his overall team talk at "None" until you it again.
+ Sometimes players were duplicated in part-exchange offers in the "Transfer listed" menu on the "Add" button.
+ Can now give team talks to players who were substituted.
+ Added more printing functionality to panels like Match Report, Match Stats, Home
+ Player instructions "swap player" (outfield) and "distribute to" (goalkeeper) did not remember settings if set outside a match.
+ In-match tactic panel updates the tactic title on the right panel properly.
+ If you were in control of both a nation and a club, using the quick flicks did not go anywhere.
+ If you were controlling a nation and a club, the context of the national FA confidence was the club and not the nation.
+ Corrected "Upcoming Fixtures" to "Fixtures & Results" on the manager home section.
+ In rare cases the player profile would display "-" for form even when the player had valid form.
+ Player histories did not show season year properly for clubs where season overlaps the new year (2004-05 format).
+ Go On Holiday dialog could have the "reject all offers as well as another item selected (they're mutually exclusive).
+ Go On Holiday dialog "Return from holiday after:" N days edit box layout fixed.
+ Inputting extended characters using AltGr (or Alt+Control) did not work.
+ Pasting a single character from the clipboard to an edit box did not work (multiple characters did).
+ Continue game timeout does not get used when a manager is making a team talk after the match.
+ Reset requested scroll position when loading new HTML screen.
+ Fixed wrong team being used in news item stating reasons for transfer delay being refused.
+ Fixed exchange players showing up on news item but not on transfer offer screen
+ Fixed home page snapshot of K-League (displayed opening stage intead of combined league).
+ Fixed Belgian lower divisions snapshot (displayed opening stage and not combined league).
+ Fixed possible crash browsing through teams staff list using the Quick Flicks.
+ Fixed potential crash on European World Cup qualifiers second placed teams table if clicking on team position to see progress.
+ Fixed some duplicate news items.
+ Being able to deselect the 'Index' panel in the tutorial by reclicking on the 'Index' button.
+ Fixed every second seperator line in tree view items being slightly longer than the others


+ Scottish league cup ties are now seeded properly.
+ Fixed some issues with the CONCACAF Champions League when MLS is not a selected league.
+ Mexican teams now do not register too many foreign players.
+ Implemented English Conference changes for 2006/07 season.
+ Mexican First Division groups are now correct for 2005.
+ Prize money removed from Serbia and Montenegro Cup.
+ Manager snapshot panel now shows full stage name in the competitions panel. E.g. North Semi Final instead of Semi Final
+ All-Ireland Cup now stores past years correctly.
+ Teams from 2006 African World Cup qualifiers do not qualify to the 2008 African Nations Cup any more.
+ Some English FA Cup prize money amounts fixed.
+ Hong Kong AFC Playoff now gets scheduled once all of the domestic competitions have finished.
+ Ramat-Hasharon now deducted 2 points in 2005 Israeli National League.
+ Spanish teams now start playing friendlies earlier.
+ All Ireland cup now uses refs from Ireland or N. Ireland.
+ European player awards tunning
+ Greek player of the year problem fixed.
+ Greek foreign player of the year problem fixed
+ Player winning more than one seasonal award fix
+ Attacking bias added to seasonal player awards.
+ Some fixes for managers withdrawing players from international friendlies
+ Australian players no longer win Asian awards.
+ Award winner news item appears after player thanks manager news item.
+ Fixed string error (australian pre match odds news) declaring league as being finished when it hasn't.
+ Fixed some fixture dates in England for non World Cup/Euro Championship years.


+ When 2 human managers are playing each other in a match, the game now shows both team talk screens at the end of the match instead of just the one.
+ When a human changed the order of his penalty takers just before a shootout, the score would sometimes not be stored properly when the result gets processed.
+ Fixed a match screen crash which would sometimes happen after making quick tactic changes.
+ If a human manager leaves a match (goes on holiday, disconnects from network game, etc), the assistant manager will now make tactical changes in his place.
+ Fixed bug where the view menu on the tactics screen might be disabled for a second human manager on the same machine.


+ Starting foreign loans are now not treated as domestic loans for English teams when counting the number of loans done so far.
+ Fixed bug where occassionally the game might forget to process a future transfer.
+ Fixed a bug where national teams would sometimes appoint a director as their new manager.
+ Players signed after a club has finished its season, now get put on holiday.

Mac Specific

+ Fixed some keyboard shortcuts in the help dialog.
+ Fixed possible problem with cpu idle when re-activating the application during a match.
+ Fixed Mac keyboard shortcut for Preferences to conform to standard Mac shortcut.


- ADDED Livingston player pictures
- Fixed Scott Thomson (Dunfermline) picture mapping to the wrong Scott Thomson
- ADDED Nottingham Forest player pictures
- Fixed Cardiff pictures (Darren Purse, Jeff Whitley, Joe Ledley and Neal Ardley)
- Fixed Stafford Rangers player pictures (Peter Thomson)
- Fixed Blackpool badge
- Fixed Rotherham kits not displaying
- Fixed Daejeon kits not displaying in first season
- Fixed Joao Goncalves FaceInTheGame picture

Data Editor

- Fixed potential crash on the squad screen
- Fixed manager preferred formations sometimes defaulting to 442

Tutorial Note

The tutorial will only display properly in the languages installed with the Retail CD.

Magazine articles

Main article: Football Manager 2006/Magazine articles.

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