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KGen was Steve Snake's very first Sega Mega Drive/Genesis emulator. The first emulator in the KGen-Series, it was programmed in 1997 and was the first—and at that time, only—emulator with decent compatibility, as well as real Yamaha YM2612 emulation. It only runs on DOS systems and Windows 9x, though it can be run on modern systems by using DOSBox.

There were two later versions of KGen. KGen-X, a rewrite of KGen which was never released, and KGen98, a complete rewrite of KGen with lots of new features and redesigns.


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File: (268 kB) (info)
Current version: 0.34b

Prior releases

Note: The initial release, version 0.10b, was shortly replaced by version 0.20b, on the same day. This happened because it didn't work on Cyrix/IBM processors, due to some test code that was accidentally left in.

  • KGen versions 0.20b to 0.33b (info) (971 kB)
    • KGen Version 0.10b (1997/08/18) (missing)
    • KGen Version 0.20b (1997/08/18)
    • KGen Version 0.21b (1997/08/19)
    • KGen Version 0.30b (1997/09/04)
    • KGen Version 0.31b (1997/09/07)
    • KGen Version 0.32b (1997/09/14)
    • KGen Version 0.33b (1997/09/28)