List of Sega Saturn accessories

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Several accessories were released for the Sega Saturn, across the three regions, some in common, some exclusive to Japan. Like the Saturn Models, many were also licenced by other Sega hardware partners.



Reference Designation Date Y/M/D Price Image Box Notes
HSS-0101 Control Pad (grey) 1994-11-22 4,800¥ Saturn HSS-0101-1.png Sega Saturn HSS-0101 A.jpgSaturn HSS-0101 box-2.png Site: Sega
HSS-0101-S Control Pad (white) 1996-06-20 2,500¥ Saturn HSS-0101-2.png Sat digi gamepad jp box front.jpgSat digi gamepad jp box back.jpg Some boxes came labelled as HSS-0101 only, others with HSS-0101-S, so they might be different models or not.
Site: Sega
Flier: [1]
HSS-0102 Shuttle Mouse (grey) 1994-11-22 3,000¥ Saturn HSS-0102.jpg Saturn HSS-0102 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0102 box-2.jpg Site: Sega
Back: Saturn HSS-0102-2.jpg
HSS-0103 Multi-Terminal 6 (multiple player adapter) 1995-01-10 3,800¥ Saturn HSS-0103.jpg Saturn HSS-0103 box.jpg Site: Sega
Flier: Guardian Heroes
HSS-0104 Stick
Virtua Stick
1994-11-22 4,800¥ Saturn HSS-0104.jpg Saturn HSS-0104 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0104 box-2.jpg Site: Sega
Flier: Virtua Fighter 2
HSS-0105 Cable
S-Video Cable
1994-11-22 2,000¥ Saturn HSS-0105.jpg Saturn HSS-0105 box-2.jpgSaturn HSS-0105 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0105 box-3.jpg
HSS-0106 Cable
Stereo AV Cable
1994-11-22 2,000¥ Saturn HSS-0106.jpg Saturn HSS-0106 box-2.jpgSaturn HSS-0106 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0106 box-3.jpg
HSS-0107 Cable
Link Cable
1994-11-22 2,000¥ Saturn HSS-0107.jpg Saturn HSS-0107 box-2.jpgSaturn HSS-0107 box-1.jpg Site: Sega
HSS-0109 Cable
21-pin RGB Cable
1995-10-13 2,500¥ Saturn HSS-0109.jpg Saturn HSS-0109 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0109 box-2.jpg
HSS-0110 Cable
RF Unit
1994-11-22 2,000¥ Saturn HSS-0110.jpg Saturn HSS-0110 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0110 box-3.jpgSaturn HSS-0110 box-4.jpg Detail of the box: [2]
HSS-0111 Power Memory 1994-11-22 4,800¥ Saturn HSS-0111.jpg Saturn HSS-0111 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0111 box-2.jpg Site: Sega
HSS-0112 Cable
Monaural Cable
1994-11-22 2,000¥ Saturn HSS-0112.jpg Saturn HSS-0112 box-2.jpg
HSS-0114 Analog Mission Stick 1995-09-29 7,800¥ Saturn HSS-0114.jpg Saturn HSS-0114 box-1.jpg Site: Sega
HSS-0115 Racing Controller (grey) 1995-04-01 5,800¥ Saturn HSS-0115.jpg Saturn HSS-0115 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0115 box-2.jpg Site: Sega
Flier: Daytona USA
Side: Saturn HSS-0115-2.jpg, Label: Saturn HSS-0115-3.jpg
HSS-0116 Control Pad
Cordless Pad Set (1 receiver, 1 wireless control pad)
1995-04-01 4,800¥ Saturn HSS-0116-1.jpg Saturn HSS-0116 box-3.jpgSaturn HSS-0116 box-4.jpg Released in both Saturn color schemes.
Site: Sega
White version:Saturn HSS-0116-2.jpg
HSS-0118 Control Pad
Hi-Saturn Controller
1995-04-01 Saturn HSS-0118.jpg Saturn HSS-0118 box-2.jpg
HSS-0119 Movie Card 1995-06-23 19,800¥ Saturn HSS-0119.jpg Saturn HSS-0119 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0119 box-2.jpg Site: Sega
Flier: Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
HSS-0120 Electronic Book Operator 1995-06-23 3,800¥ Saturn HSS-0120.jpg Saturn HSS-0120 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0120 box-2.jpg Site: Sega
CD: Saturn HSS-0120-2.jpg
HSS-0121 Photo CD Operator 1995-06-23 3,800¥ Saturn HSS-0121.jpg Saturn HSS-0121 box-1.jpg Site: Sega
CD: Saturn HSS-0121-2.jpg
HSS-0122 Virtua Gun 1995-11-24 2,900¥ Saturn HSS-0122.jpg Saturn HSS-0122 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0122 box-2.jpg Also bundled with Virtua Cop.
Site: Sega
Flier: Virtua Cop
Back:Saturn HSS-0122-2.jpg
HSS-0125 Control Pad
IR Receiver
1995-04-01 Saturn HSS-0125-2.jpg HSS-0116 part.
Site: Sega
HSS-0126 Control Pad
Cordless Pad
1995-11-24 2800¥ Saturn HSS-0126-1.jpg Saturn HSS-0126 box.jpgSaturn HSS-0126 box-2.jpg HSS-0116 part.
Site: Sega
Back: Saturn HSS-0126-2.jpg
HSS-0127 Modem 1996-07-27 14,800¥ Saturn HSS-0127.jpg Saturn HSS-0127 box-1.jpg Site: Sega
Flier: Page 1 2 3 4
Back:Saturn HSS-0127-2.jpg
HSS-0128 Floppy Disk Drive 1996-07-27 9.800¥ Saturn HSS-0128.jpg Saturn HSS-0128 box-1.jpg Site: Sega
HSS-0129 Keyboard (plus Habitat II) 1996-07-27 7,800¥ Saturn HSS-0129.jpg Saturn HSS-0129 box-1.jpg Site: Sega
HSS-0130 Stick
Virtua Stick Pro
1996-07-24 24,800¥ VirtuaStickPro 1.jpg Saturn HSS-0130 box-1.jpg|Saturn HSS-0130 box-2.jpg Site: Sega
Flier: Fighting Vipers
HSS-0136 Stick
Virtua Stick
1996-07-27 5,800¥ Saturn HSS-0136.jpg Saturn HSS-0136 box-1.jpg Flier: Virtua Fighter Kids
HSS-0137 Control Pad
Sega Multi-controller (Analog controller)
1996-07-05 3,800¥ Saturn HSS-0137.jpg Saturn HSS-0137 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0137 box-3.jpg Also HSS-0137_box-2.jpg bundled with Christmas NiGHTS)
Site: Sega
Flier: Christmas NiGHTS
Back: Saturn HSS-0137-2.jpg
HSS-0138 Power Memory 1996-07-05 4,800¥ Saturn HSS-0138 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0138 box-2.jpg Site: Sega
HSS-0139 Shuttle Mouse (white) 1996-07-05 3,000¥ Saturn mouse.jpg Saturn mouse white box front.jpgSaturn mouse white box back.jpg Also came HSS-0139_box-2.jpg.jpg bundled with Sakura Taisen.
Site: Sega
Flier: Sakura Taisen
HSS-0141 Racing Controller (white) 1996-07-05 5,800¥ Saturn HSS-0141.jpg Saturn HSS-0141 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0141 box-2.jpg
HSS-0147 CD Soft Case 1,480¥ Saturn HSS-0147.jpg Saturn HSS-0147 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0147 box-2.jpg Bundle: Saturn HSS-0141 bundle.jpg
HSS-0148 Modem (plus Virtua Fighter Remix for SegaNet) 1996-07-27 Saturn HSS-0148 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0148 box-2.jpg Site: Sega
HSS-0150 Extended RAM Cartridge 1996-09-20 5,800¥ Saturn HSS-0150.jpg Saturn HSS-0150 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0150 box-2.jpg Site: Sega
HSS-0151 Stick
Twin Stick
1996-11-29 Saturn HSS-0151.jpg Probably only sold with HSS-0154.
Site: Sega
Flier: Virtua On
HSS-0152 Virtua Gun (Virtua Cop) 1996-09-20 2,900¥ Saturn HSS-0152.jpg Saturn HSS-0152 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0152 box-2.jpg Also came HSS-0152_box-3.jpg bundled with Virtua Cop 2.
Site: Sega
HSS-0153 Power Memory (Sakura Taisen) 1996-09-27 4,800¥ Saturn HSS-0153 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0153 box-2.jpg
HSS-0154 Stick
Twin Stick (HSS-0151 + Virtual-On box)
1996-11-29 5,800¥ Saturn HSS-0154 box-1.jpg Site: Sega
Flier: Virtua On
HSS-0157 Modem (Virtual-On for SegaNet) 1996 Saturn HSS-0157 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0157 box-2.jpg Site: Sega
HSS-0159 Keyboard 1996-11-29 5,800¥ Saturn HSS-0159 box-1.jpg Site: Sega
HSS-0160 Broadband adapter (Modem) + Virtual-On for SegaNet. Saturn HSS-0160 box-1.jpg Site: Sega
HSS-0162 Control Pad
1997 Free (?) Saturn HSS-0162.jpg Saturn HSS-0162 box-1.jpg Site: Sega
HSS-0163 Voice Word Sample Saturn HSS-0163.jpg
HSS-0167 RAM expansion cartridge (4MB) 1997-11-27 5,800¥ Saturn HSS-0167.jpg Saturn HSS-0167 box-1.jpgSaturn HSS-0167 box-2.jpg Site: Sega
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Third Party

Sega Hardware partners Victor and Hitachi were joined by Hudson and Hori in releasing accessories for the Saturn. Mostly they were released in either Japanese or Asian soil, but Hori released their two fighting accessories across all regions.


Reference Designation Date Y/M/D Price Image Box
RG-CP5 V-Saturn Controller (model 1) 1994-11-22 2,500¥ Saturn RG-CP5.jpg Saturn RG-CP5 box-1.jpgSaturn RG-CP5 box-2.jpg
RG-CP6 V-Saturn Controller (model 2) 1996-06-07 2,500¥ Saturn RG-CP6.jpg Saturn RG-CP6 box.jpg
RG-VC1 Video CD decoder (NTSC) 1995-06-25 18,800¥ Saturn RG-VC1-1.jpg|Saturn RG-VC1-2.jpg Saturn RG-VC1 box.jpg
RG-VC2 Video CD / Photo CD Decoder (NTSC) 1995-06-25 21,000¥ Saturn RG-VC2-1.jpgSaturn RG-VC2-2.jpg Saturn RG-VC2 box-1.jpgSaturn RG-VC2 box-2.jpg
RG-VC20 Video CD / Photo CD Decoder (NTSC+PAL) Saturn RG-VC20-1.jpgSaturn RG-VC20-2.jpg Saturn RG-VC20 box.jpg
RG-VC3 Video CD & Photo CD Twin Operator (NTSC+PAL) 1997-08-07 18,000¥ Saturn RG-VC3-1.jpgSaturn RG-VC3-2.jpg Saturn RG-VC3 box.jpg
RG-VC3S Video CD & Photo CD Twin Operator (NTSC+PAL) 1998-10-15 11,000¥ Saturn RG-VC3-1.jpgSaturn RG-VC3-2.jpg Saturn RG-VC3S Box.jpg


Reference Designation Date Y/M/D Price Image Box
HSS-0118 Hi-Saturn Controller 1995-04-01 Saturn HSS-0118.jpg Saturn HSS-0118 box-2.jpg
MKU-1 Karaoke Unit 1995-04-01 Saturn MKU-1.png Saturn MKU-1 box-1.png
MMP-TU1000 Game Navi Hi-Saturn Senyou TV Tuner 20,000¥
Hitachi MPEG Card (Hi-Saturn model 1) 1995-04-01 Saturn hitachi mpegcard v1.pngSaturn hitachi mpegcard v1-2.png
Hitachi MPEG Card (Hi-Saturn model 2) Saturn hitachi mpegcard v2.jpg