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RoboCop Versus The Terminator
Publisher: Virgin Games
System(s): Sega Mega Drive, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear
ROM size: Sega Mega Drive 2MB, Sega Master System Sega Game Gear 512kB
Sound driver: GEMS
Genre: Action

Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive JP 1994-05-28 ¥8,900 T-70043
Sega Mega Drive US 1993 $? T-70166
Sega Mega Drive EU 1994 £? T-70166-50
Sega Mega Drive AU 199x $? FROB07SMC
Sega Mega Drive KR 199x ₩? GM94009JT
Sega Master System EU 1994 £? MK-29022-50
Sega Master System EU (Classic) 199x £? 29022-50
Sega Master System AU 1994 $? FROB07SEC
Sega Master System BR 199x $? 028520
Sega Game Gear US 1994 $? T-70128
Sega Game Gear EU 1994 £? T-70128-50

RoboCop Versus The Terminator (ロボコップ VS ターミネーター) is a sidescrolling shoot 'em up that combines elements from the Terminator and RoboCop movie franchises similar to Aliens vs. Predator. The story was largely based on a comic book of the same name, though elements may have been taken from a script for a feature-length film (which was later cancelled). The SNES version has a slightly different story, a more cartoony look as well as different stage layouts and enemies. The player controls RoboCop, who has re-assembled himself in the future to stop Skynet. With a variety of weapons he must defeat numerous Terminators in an attempt to save the future. There is also a fight with an ED-209 from the RoboCop series.

Mega-CD and NES versions of the game were planned, but cancelled.

The game seems to reuse certain graphics from the Mega CD version of Template:The Terminator, such as the spider enemy. There's a considerable amount of gore in the first few stages, with human enemis exploding and splatting blood around.


A is for switching weapons, two can be carried simulataneously, with the currently inactive weapon being replaced by a new one. B fires and C jumps. The game has a slow autofire function, tapping the buttons can drastically increase fire rate. There is no shot rate limited in place, the rate is controlled by the bullets on screen at the same time, so some bosses can be defeated easily by point blanking and using autofire. Certain enemies have specific weaknesses, e.g. standard Terminators are weak against the plasma rifle. The numer of onscreen bullets can become very high in later stages, with only the flame thrower (which resembles the spreadshot from the Contra series) being able to destroy certain enemy bullets.

There are also a numer of secret rooms. The game keeps a score. but it can be cheated, e.g. by entering the bonus stage accessed from stage 2 repeatedly, which resets all enemies, items etc.

Production Credits

Mega Drive Version

Programmed & Directed By: John Botti
Lead Animator/Art Director: Bob Stevenson
Lead Designer: Tim Williams
Background Artists: Mike Fields, Kevin Toft
Director of Music & FX: Tommy Tallarico
Music By: Mark Miller
Samples By: Steve Henifin
Computer Art Consultant: Nick Bruty
Assistant Designer: Noah Tool
Additional Animations: Robert Steele, Dean Ruggles
Additional Computer Art: Kevin Toft, Tom Tanaka, John Weir
Hostage Played By: Jose Villeta
Conceptual Art: Julian Moran, Brandon Humprheys, Tom Tanaka
Manual By: Russ Ceccola, Lisa Marcinko
Design Development: Parker A. Davis, Lyle J. Hall III
Testing and Quality Control: Mike McCaa, Erik Harshman, Paul Moore, Ken Love, Bijan Shaheer
Producer: Scott Duckett
Executive Producer: Neil Young
Director of Design: David Bishop
Vice President in Charge of Development: Dr. Stephen H. Clarke-Willson

Promotional Material

Physical Scans

Mega Drive Version

Sega Mega Drive 79 Sega Retro Average 
Based on 13 reviews
Publication Score Source
93 №144, p34
66 №12, p46/47
86 №42
66 №15, p58
91 №8, p12/13
90 №24, p52/53/54
90 №14, p62-65Media:MeanMachinesSega14UK.pdf
88 №37, p106/107/108
90 №49, p34/35/36/37
77 №26, p40/41
79 №6, p48/49Media:SegaForceMega06.pdf
Mega Drive, US
RvsT MD US Box.jpg
RvsT MD US Cart.jpg
Rvt md us manual.pdf
Mega Drive, EU
RvsT MD EU Box.jpg
RvsT MD EU Cart.jpg
Mega Drive, JP
RvT MD JP Box.jpg
RoboCopVSTerminator MD JP CartTop.jpg
RvT MD JP Cart.jpg
Mega Drive, AU

Mega Drive, KR

Master System Version

Sega Master System 71 Sega Retro Average 
Based on 5 reviews
Publication Score Source
89 №15, p84/85Media:MeanMachinesSega15UK.pdf
20 №37, p152
84 №49, p90/91
Master System, EU
RvsT SMS EU Box.jpg
RvsT SMS EU Cart.jpg
Master System, EU (Classic Master System)
RvsT SMS EU Classic Box.jpg
RvsT SMS EU Cart.jpg
Master System, AU
RvsT SMS AU Box.jpg
RvT SMS AU Cart.jpg
Master System, BR
RvsT SMS BR cover.jpg
Rvst sms br cart.jpg
Rvst sms br manual.pdf

Game Gear Version

Sega Game Gear 79 Sega Retro Average 
Based on 4 reviews
Publication Score Source
89 №28, p114
84 №49, p90/91
Game Gear, US
RvsT GG US Box Back.jpgNospine.pngRvsT GG US cover.jpg
Game Gear, EU
RvT GG EU Box Back.jpgNospine.pngRvsT GG EU Box.jpg
RvT GG EU Cart.jpg

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