Sesame Street: Alphabet Avenue

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Sesame Street: Alphabet Avenue
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega Pico
Genre: Educational

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Pico
$? MK-49067

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Sesame Street: Alphabet Avenue is a Sega Pico game based on the Sesame Street TV show. It was only released in North America.

Production credits

Source: In-game credits
  • Producer: Toni Zolnai
  • Art Director: Ivan Jenkovszky
  • Programmers: Zsolt Belakovics, Zoltan Imre, Janos Kovalszky, Roland Timar
  • Additional Programming Assistance: Jeno Dagober Szabo, Botond Kardos, Kadocsa Tassonyi
  • Graphics: Eva Kovacs, Agnes Korda, Maria Czimmermann, Judit Erdelyi, Zsolt 8 Kemenczes Ta, Bacs Nora, Gabor Peter Szabo
  • Music: Attila Heger
  • Sound Effects: Laszlo Molnar, Zsolt Dvornik
  • Tester: Csaba Knaver
  • Special Thanks to: Kalman Molnar
SegaSoft Credits
  • Producer: Julie Hayward-Senatore
  • Assistant Producer: Kim Rogers
  • Production Assistant: Joyce Takakura
  • Product Manager: Kristin McCloskey
  • Lead Tester: Paulita Villatuya
  • Assistant Lead Testers: Fernando Valderrama, Ryan Hurth
  • Testers: Peter Young, Aaron Hommes, John Jansen, Joe Damon, Dennis Lee, Lloyd Kinoshita, Marcus Montgomery, Tony Lynch, Chris Lucich, Tony Borba
  • Special Thanks: Eric Dunstan, Mike Fischer, Keith Higashihara, Judy Nybo
  • And the folks at the Children's Television Workshop:
    • Marketing Manager: Ellen Gold
    • VP Interactive Technology: Rob Madell
    • Producer: Jack McCall
    • VP Production: Glenda Revelle
    • Art Director: Russell Zambito
  • A Very Special Thanks to Cindy Hardgrave, without whom PICO would not be possible.

Physical scans

Pico, US
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SSAA Pico US Cart.jpg