Steep Slope Sliders

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Steep Slope Sliders
Steep Slope Sliders
Publisher: Sega Saturn Pack-In-Soft (JP), Sega (US/EU), Arcade Capcom

Developer: Sega Saturn Cave, Pack-In-Soft, Arcade Capcom, Cave, Pack-In-Soft

System(s): Sega Titan Video, Sega Saturn

ROM Size: 365MB

Genre: Sports

Number of Players: 1

Release Date RRP Code
Arcade JP 1998 ¥?  ?
Sega Saturn JP 1997-10-23 ¥5,800 T-9112G
Sega Saturn JP (Satakore) 1998-10-22 ¥2,800 T-9116G
Sega Saturn US 1997-12-18 $? 81128
Sega Saturn EU 1998-02 £39.99 MK81128-50
Sega Saturn BR 199x $? 191x15

Steep Slope Sliders (スティープ・スロープ・スライダーズ) is a 1997 downhill snowboarding game by Cave and Pack-In-Soft for the Sega Saturn that was later brought to Sega Titan Video arcade hardware by Cave, Capcom, and Pack-In-Soft parent Victor Interactive Software.

Physical Scans

Sega Titan Video Version

Sega Titan Video,

SteepSlopeSliders STV Cart.jpg

Saturn Version

Sega Saturn 82 Sega Retro Average 
Based on 7 reviews
Publication Score Source
Consoles + 93 №71, p120/121
Computer & Video Games 80 №195, p90
EDGE 70 №54, p93
GamesMaster 60 №65, p68/69
Joypad 88 №71, p117/118
Saturn Power 90 №10, p68/69/70/71/72/73
Sega Saturn Magazine 92 №27, p68/69
Saturn, US
SteepSlopeSliders Saturn US Box Back.jpgSteepSlopeSliders Saturn US Box Front.jpg
Steepslopesliders sat us manual.pdf
Saturn, EU
SteepSlopeSliders Saturn EU Box.jpg
Saturn, JP
SteepSlopeSliders Saturn JP Box Back.jpgSteepSlopeSliders Saturn JP Box Front.jpg
SteepSlopeSliders Saturn JP Spinecard.jpg
SteepSlopeSliders Saturn JP Disc.jpg
Saturn, JP (Satakore)
SteepSlopeSliders Saturn JP Box Back Satakore.jpgSteepSlopeSliders Saturn JP Box Front Satakore.jpg
SteepSlopeSliders Saturn JP Spinecard Satakore.jpg
SteepSlopeSliders Saturn JP Disc Satakore.jpg
Saturn, BR
SteepSlopeSliders BR cover.jpg