Thunder Force AC

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ThunderForceAC SystemC2TitleScreen.png
Thunder Force AC
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega System C2
Genre: Shooting

Release Date RRP Code
1990  ?

Thunder Force AC is an arcade port of Tecnosoft's 1990 Sega Mega Drive game Thunder Force III to the nearly identical Sega System C2 hardware, produced jointly by Tecnosoft and Sega.

The port is identical to the console version, except Planets Haides and Ellis are completely different, the level layouts are somewhat different, the level select and level intros have been removed and continuing starts you where you died instead of at the beginning of the stage. Furthermore, the game takes advantage of the System C2's µPD7759 ADPCM chip, providing a larger number of voice samples and sampled sound effects — similar to the original X68000 version of Thunder Force II (even borrowing some cues).

This port was ported to the SNES in 1991 as Thunder Spirits without Sega's involvement (it was handled by Toshiba EMI, with Seika publishing in the US). The new music for Planet Haides is included as a bonus track (OMAKE-2) in Thunder Force IV, accessible after beating the game.

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