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Flicky Arcade Title.png
Publisher: Arcade SG-1000 Sega Mega Drive Sega, Arcade Bally Midway (US), Fujitsu FM-7 NEC PC-8001 NEC PC-8801 Sharp X1 Micronet
System(s): Sega System 1, SG-1000, Mega Drive, MSX, FM-7, PC-8001, PC-8801, Sharp MZ, Sharp X1
ROM size: Sega Mega Drive 128kB
Genre: Action

Release Date RRP Code
Arcade JP 1984 ¥?  ?
Arcade US 1984 $?  ?
SG-1000 JP 1984 ¥4,300 G-1036
SG-1000 NZ 1985-02 $?  ?
SG-1000 TW 198x NT$?  ?
Sega Mega Drive JP (Game Toshokan) 1991 ¥?  ?
Sega Mega Drive US 1991 $? 1022
Sega Mega Drive EU 1991-09 £34.99 [1]Media:ACE UK 50.pdf 1022
Sega Mega Drive AU 199x $?  ?
Sega Mega Drive BR 1991 R$?  ?
Sega Master System KR 19xx ₩? SG50C
Fujitsu FM-7 JP 198x ¥?  ?
MSX JP 1986 ¥?  ?
NEC PC-8001 JP 198x ¥?  ?
NEC PC-8801 JP 198x ¥?  ?
Sharp MZ JP 198x ¥?  ?
Sharp X1 JP 198x ¥?  ?
Mobile Phones US 2003-08-21 $?  ?

Steam US $2.99 ?
Steam EU £1.99 €? ?

Flicky (フリッキー) is a video game released for Sega System 1 arcade hardware in 1984. The game stars a little blue bird called Flicky tasked with saving smaller birds from being eaten by predators. It was designed by Youji Ishii, and (according to text at the top and bottom of the ROM) was known as Busty and Flippy during development.


In the game, the player controls Flicky, a bird who has to save the Chirps (Piopio in Japan) from cats named Tiger (Nyannan) and iguanas named Iggy (Choro). The player has to collect all of the Chirps and guide them through the exit, with a bonus increasing in proportion to the amount of Chirps saved at once.

There is only one button in the game, which both causes Flicky to "jump" and, if he is holding and item, throw it across the screen. Items thrown ate enemies will knock them off the screen temporarily, however they will re-spawn at specified locations until the game is over.

Players start with three lives and can gain more lives by acquiring certain scores, however there is a maximum of five lives that can be retained at once.

There are 48 proper levels ("rounds") in the game. Completing these yields a "congratulations" message, followed by the possibility of playing through the game again at a faster speed. These levels are numbered 49, 50 and so on, and levels which previously did not contain Iggy may contain it. Furthermore, some throwable items are replaced with different ones. Once the game has been completed a second time (passing level 96, the "fast" version of 48), the game repeats again, but there is no speed increase (i.e. level 97 is identical to level 49), and the game simply carries on in this fashion until the player loses all his/her lives.


Following its release, Flicky was ported to the Sega SG-1000, MSX, NEC PC-8801, Sharp X1, Fujitsu FM-7, Sega Mega Drive, DoCoMo iMode mobile phones, and was released as part of Sega of Japan's Sonic Cafe mobile service.

Interestingly despite its Japanese origins, the Mega Drive version of the game was only released in cartridge form in the US and Europe. In Japan Flicky was only downloadable through the Sega Game Toshokan service. The game was also included as an unlockable game in Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic Mega Collection Plus and has been included in numerous Mega Drive compliations, from the 1996 Mega Drive release of Classic Collection to the 2009 release of Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

If the player completes the first ten levels perfectly in the Mega Drive version, (i.e. all under 20 seconds with a perfect score eventually totalling 240 000) he/she is presented with a screen with a girl in a bikini. A level select screen can also be accessed by holding Up, A, C and Start between the title and "round 1" screen.

Flicky has also made several cameos in several Sega games (such as Super Monaco GP) and became an integral part of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island can be seen as a spiritual sequel to this game, with similar goals played out on an isometric field, paired with gameplay inspired by previous Sonic outings.

Production Credits

Arcade Version

Programming: Hideki Ishikawa, Shuichi Katagi
Game Design: Yoji Ishii
Character Design: Yoshiki Kawasaki
Security/Copy Protection: Shuichi Katagi

Mega Drive Version

Director: K.Fuzzy
Designer: Yumi
Programmer: O.Samu
Sound Design: T's Music
Special Thanks: Lee, Bo, Arcade Flicky Staff, Test Players

FM-7 Version

Staff: Y.Kitano, K.Endo, R.Komaita

PC-8001, PC-8801, X1 Versions

Staff: Y.Koideya, M.Kobayashi, M.Yamada, R.Komaita, I.Nanji
Copyright by Sega
Produced by Micronet


Promotional Material

Digital manuals

Physical Scans

System 1 Version

System 1, US
Flicky System1 US Marquee.jpg
System 1, JP
Flicky System1 JP InstructionCard.jpg

SG-1000 Version

SG-1000, JP
Flicky US SG1000 Back.jpgNospine.pngFlicky US SG1000 Box Front.jpg
Flicky SG-1000 cart.jpg
SG-1000, EU
SG-1000, NZ

Flicky SG1000 NZ Cart.jpg
SG-1000, TW

Master System Version

Master System, KR
SMS KR cardbackcover.jpgNospine.pngFlicky SMS KR cardcover.jpg
Flicky SMS KR card.jpg
Master System, KR (cart)

Flicky SMS KR Handoo carttop.jpg
Flicky SMS KR Handoo cartback.jpgFlicky SMS KR Handoo cart.jpg

Mega Drive Version

Sega Mega Drive 66 Sega Retro Average 
Based on 13 reviews
Publication Score Source
80 №50, p110Media:ACE UK 50.pdf
84 №120, p96/97
58 №4
70 №22
62 №18, p183
28 №5, p92
88 №1, p78Media:Megatech UK 01.pdf
92 №13, p94/95Media:MeanMachines UK 13.pdf
55 №15, p105
60 №23, p53
75 №25, p32
37 №18, p65
Mega Drive, US
Flicky MD US cover.jpg
Flicky MD US Cart Top.jpg
Flicky MD US Cart.jpg
Flicky MD US manual.pdf
Mega Drive, EU
Flicky box eu.jpg
Flicky MD EU Cart.jpg
Mega Drive, AU
Flicky Sega Megadrive AU Cover.jpg
Flicky Sega Megadrive AU Manual.pdf
Mega Drive, BR
Flicky MD BR Box.jpg
Flicky MD BR Cart.jpg

FM-7 Version

Fujitsu FM-7, JP
Flicky FM7 JP Box.jpg

MSX Version

Flicky MSX JP Box.jpg
Flicky MSX JP Cart.jpg

PC-8001 Version

NEC PC-8001, JP

PC-8801 Version

NEC PC-8801, JP

Sharp MZ Version

Sharp MZ, JP
Flicky SharpMZ JP Box.jpg
Flicky SharpMZ JP Cassette.jpg

Sharp X1 Version

Sharp X1, JP

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