Akinori Nishiyama

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Akinori Nishiyama is a Sega employee that has been involved with the company since the Master System era and has undertaken a varitety of roles.

Nishiyama was originally a test player (usually credited by his alias, Works Nishi) whose first title was the original Phantasy Star. For its sequel, however, he acted as Writer & Director (under another alias, Chiemushi) and would become a major contributor to the series' fourth installment. He may also have been known variably as Locky P.

Nishiyama retained his position as a scenario writer through the Saturn era with Magic Knight Rayearth. He then served once more as scenario writer for Sonic Adventure and reacquainted himself with the Phantasy Star series with Phantasy Star Online.

Beginning with Sonic Adventure 2, Nishiyama upheld more executive roles, as demonstrated by coordinating the Tiny Chao Garden in the game's revision. Though his direct role in console titles had diminished, he had more influence in the handheld market, where he served as Director for the majority of the Sonic the Hedgehog series titles released for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS and Producer for the Puyo Puyo series titles released on the aforementioned systems.

Beginning with Sonic Gems Collection though, Nishiyama reemerged in the console market as Chief Producer. He continues to hold this title to this day.

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