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Sega Bass Fishing
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega Model 3 Step 1.0, Dreamcast, PC, Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network
Peripherals supported: Sega DreamcastDreamcast VGA Box, Dreamcast Jump Pack, Dreamcast Fishing Controller
Genre: Sports

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade JP 1997-12 ¥?  ?
Arcade World 1998  ?
Sega Dreamcast JP 1999-04-01 ¥5,800 HDR-0023
Sega Dreamcast JP (Fishing Set) 1999-04-01 ¥9,800 HDR-0012
Sega Dreamcast US 1999 $? 51006
Sega Dreamcast EU 1999-11



PCs JP ¥6,800 (7,140) HCJ-0304
PCs US $? ?
PCs EU £? €? ?
PCs AU (Valusoft) $? ?
Steam US $8.99 ?
Steam EU £5.99 €? ?

PlayStation 3 JP (Download) ¥? ?
PlayStation 3 US (Download) $9.99 ?
PlayStation 3 EU (Download) £? €? ?
PlayStation 3 KR (Download) ₩? ?

Xbox Live Arcade JP 800pts ¥? ?
Xbox Live Arcade US 800pts $? ?
Xbox Live Arcade EU 800pts £? €? ?
Xbox Live Arcade AU ?pts $? ?

Sega Bass Fishing, known as GetBass (ゲットバス) in Japan, is a video game fishing simulator developed by AM1 and published by Sega for the Model 3 Step 1.0 arcade hardware. The game was ported to the Sega Dreamcast and PC by SIMS. It should not be confused with the similar Sega Bass Fishing for the Wii, which serves as a sequel to this game.


Sega Bass Fishing is an arcade-style fishing game, in which players try to catch bass against a strict time limit. Gameplay is relatively simple - the player choses a position at which to cast and then reels in the line, attempting to interest fish with one of several types of lure. If a fish bites, the player needs to reel the fish in while observing the status of the line tension meter on the right hand side of the screen - if reeled in too quickly the line will break and time will be lost. The player may also need to move the line left or right to make sure the fish does not let go of the lure and again, so the line does not snap.

In the arcade original, the player is tasked with reeling in a specified amount of fish dictated by the stage. Vision may be impaired by murky water, and time bonuses are awarded for causing the fish to hit the scenery during the catching process. In the original 1997 version of the game there were only three stages (plus a hidden area) - the Dreamcast and PC ports up this to eight, and new different modes and settings.

The arcade game uses a specialised cabinet with a fishing controller made to resemble a fishing rod, complete with a windable reel. A home version of the peripheral, the Dreamcast Fishing Controller, was released for the Dreamcast, both separately and packaged with Sega Bass Fishing. The Dreamcast version of game can still be played without a Fishing Controller, but by default the player will be forced to use the L and R triggers.

Sequels and Re-releases

In its day, Sega Bass Fishing was one of the more successful fishing simulators, and spawned several sequels including the Dreamcast game, Sega Bass Fishing 2 in 2001. Its legacy also led to the release of Sega Marine Fishing, also for the Dreamcast.

Other sequels include Sega Bass Fishing Duel for the PlayStation 2, Sega Bass Fishing for the Wii and Sega Bass Fishing Challenge released exclusively in arcades. The Dreamcast version of Sega Bass Fishing was also released as part of Dreamcast Collection for the Xbox 360 and PC, and has now seen a separate release for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Steam.

Production Credits

Dreamcast Version

~In-game credits~

Arcade Staff

Planning: Kazuhiro Gouji, Takao Seki
Program: Junpei Satoh, Yoshiharu Suzuki, Masaki Namikoshi, Makihito Yokota, Masaru Sugahara
Graphic Design: Yoshiaki Aoki, Hideo Takashima, Hideyuki Katoh, Hiroyuki Yoshimi, Norio Ishii, Hitoshi Furukubo
Publicity Design: Akira Yamanaka
Sound Director: Sachio Ogawa
Voice: Hisaki Nimiya

DC Staff

Planning: Hideki Katagiri, Nobuo Matsushima, Tomoyuki Nishimura
Program: Yoshiki Sawamura, Hisanori Fukuoka, Katsumi Kohori, Yasushi Zenita, Masatoshi Satoh, Yasushi Haraguti
Graphic Design: Hiroyuki Kikkawa, Hiroko Katoh, Keisuke Nozawa
Sound Director: Makoto Iida

Publicity: Mika Araki
Special Thanks: Tatsuya Watanabe, Ichirou Kawaoka, Koji Ooto, Seiki Saito
Presented by: Sega
© Sega Enterprises, Ltd. 1997, 1999

~Other credits~
Product Development

  • Localization Producer: Jason Kuo
  • Localization Manager: Osamu Shibamiya
  • Lead Tester: Dennis Lee
  • Assistant Lead: Jeff B. Junio


  • Product Manager: Andrew Stein
  • Associate Product Manager: Stacey Kerr
  • Sr. Marketing Coordinator: Undyne Stafford


  • Writers: Luke Valentine, Osamu Nakazato
  • Editor: Luke Valentine
  • Translator: Luke Valentine
  • DTP Operator: Makoto Nishino
  • Designer: Youichi Takahashi
  • Supervisor: Kaoru Ichigozaki

Special Thanks: John Amirkhan, Sandra Castagnola, Sean Dodge, Joanne Eastman, Sheri Hockaday, Mike Lopez, Michael McCollum, Peter Moore, Shinobu Shindo, Sega Online

Digital Manuals

Promotional Material

Physical Scans

Model 3 version

Model 3, US
SegaBassFishing Arcade US Flyer Front.jpgSegaBassFishing Arcade US Flyer Back.jpg
Model 3, US (Alt)
SegaBassFishing Arcade US Flyer Front Alt.jpgSegaBassFishing Arcade US Flyer Back Alt.jpg

Dreamcast version

Sega Dreamcast 76 Sega Retro Average 
Based on 12 reviews
Publication Score Source
60 №9, p104
60 №14, p72
92 №89, p126/127
80 №216, p82
80 №3, p70
70 №1999-12, p24Media:DCM_JP_19990409_1999-12.pdf
82 №, p34Media:Dorimaga_20021011_JP.pdf
80 №3, p46/47/48
70 №72, p80/81
70 №538, p34
Dreamcast, US
SegaBassFishing DC US Box Back.jpgSegaBassFishing DC US Box Front.jpg
SegaBassFishing DC US Disc.jpg
Dreamcast, US (Sega All Stars)
SegaBassFishing DC US Box Front SAS.jpg
Dreamcast, AU (Controller)

Dreamcast, JP
SegaBassFishing DC JP Box Back.jpgSegaBassFishing DC JP Box Front.jpg
Dreamcast, JP (Controller)
SegaBassFishing DC JP Box Back Controller.jpgNospine.pngSegaBassFishing DC JP Box Front Controller.jpg
Dreamcast, UK
SegaBassFishing DC EU Box Back.jpgSegaBassFishing DC EU Box Front.jpg
SegaBassFishing DC EU Disc.jpg

PC version

SegaBassFishing PC US cover.jpg
SegaBassFishing PC EU Box Front.jpg
PC, EU (Ntertainment)
SegaBassFishing PC EU Box Ntertainment.jpg

PC, AU (Valusoft)

PC, FR/NL (Sega Classics)


SegaBassFishing PC CN Box Front.jpg

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