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Golden Axe II
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Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega Mega Drive, Virtual Console, iOS, Steam
ROM size: 512kB
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
1991-12-27 ¥6,000 G-4062
Sega Mega Drive
1992-01 Media:GamePro US 030.pdf[1] $? 1122
Sega Mega Drive
1992-01 £39.99 Media:CVG UK 121.pdf[2] 1122
Sega Mega Drive
199x $?  ?
Sega Mega Drive
AU (Gold)
1996 $? FGOL15SMC
Sega Mega Drive
1992-02 Media:Supergame BR 07.pdf[3] R$?  ?
Sega Mega Drive
1991 ₩? GM4024JG

Wii Virtual Console
600 points ?
Wii Virtual Console
800 points ?
Wii Virtual Console
800 points ?

$2.99 ?
£1.99 €? ?

¥? ?
$2.99 ?

Golden Axe II (ゴールデンアックスII) is a 1991 beat-em-up and the direct sequel to the critically acclaimed Golden Axe. Unlike that game, Golden Axe II is a Sega Mega Drive exclusive, though it has since been re-released as part of numerous Mega Drive compilations. The game features Ax-Battler, Tyris-Flare, and Gilius Thunderhead once again, as they face the new foe "Dark Guld".

It is extremely similar to the previous game, with various changes. For this reason, Golden Axe II has received mixed reviews from critics; many claim the game is merely a re-hash of the previous entry in the series, and that very little is added to the core gameplay. Though some have praised the graphics and music, others have criticised the game's sound effects which are said to detract from the atmosphere of the game.


B is used for attacking and C for jumping, just like in the prequel. Pushing B+C together is now used to perform an all-around-attack rather than a backwards focused attack. Double tapping a direction makes the character run, pushing B while running results in a charge attack. A is used to cast magic. This consumes magic books (replacing potions from the prequel) which have to be collected first. Magic books are dropped by wizards. The strength of the magic attack is determined by the time the A button is held down, but this can be changed in the options screen.

Various game balance related changes have been made. Enemies could be trapped in endless charge attacks loops in the prequel. This is not possible anymore as two consecutive charge attacks trigger a short invincibility window. The previously exploitable jumping attacks have also been tone down in strength, certain enemy types such as lizardmen and claw wielding enemies can also effectively defend against these attacks.

When playing on the lowest difficulty setting, the game ends prematurely. The final boss can only be faced when playing on normal or above. The highest difficulty setting adds new enemies to increase challenge.

At the end of the game, score and a rank is awarded based on the number of enemies defeated and lives lost.

The Duel mode from the original Golden Axe makes a return. Predetermined enemies have to be defeated in an arena.

This game behaves strangely when played with the 6 button controller: Movements are mapped to X,Y,Z and Mode. Holding down Mode while the game is starting removes this problem

All versions of the ROM are identical. The ROM contains no region specific data and can be played on any system



On the Mega Drive, Golden Axe II was followed by Golden Axe III.

Emulated versions of the game were released for the Wii Virtual Console, Steam and iOS. The iOS version was removed from sale on iTunes in 2015. [5]

Production credits

Planner: Fuzzy
Character Design: Hiro.K, Rew
Background Design: Toyo.Ozaki, Sant
Programmer: Takubon, K.Koba
Sound Effect: Hatabaw
Messages: Marsh, Kakuka
Checkers: Kyamura, Mu, Dehehe, Ax, Taka O, Sunset
Special Thanks: U, Gas Ges Gos
Presented by: Sega


Magazine articles

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Mega Drive version

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
78 №54, p67Media:ACE UK 54.pdf
78 №121, p48-50Media:CVG UK 121.pdf
80 №30, p52-53Media:GamePro US 030.pdf
80 №37
90 №6, p46-49Media:HobbyConsolas ES 006.pdf
78 №4
82 №22, p160/161Media:Joystick FR 022.pdf
65 №3, p79Media:MDAG UK 03.pdf
92 №9, p20
90 №1, p64
69 №15, p142-144Media:MeanMachines UK 15.pdf
86 №16, p56/57Media:PlayerOne FR 016.pdf
93 №3/92, p86Media:PlayTime DE 1992-03.pdf
74 №3/92, p132
81 №27, p28/29
76 №4, p52/53Media:SegaPro UK 04.pdf
78 №13, p22/23
75 №18, p65
84 №2, p68/69Media:SegaForce UK 02.pdf
88 №1, p89Media:SegaForceMega UK 01.pdf
74 №1/92, p31Media:VideoGames DE 1992-01.pdf
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