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Fast facts on Sega CS1
Founded: At least 1994
Merged with: Smilebit
Headquarters: Japan

Sega Consumer Research and Development 1 or Sega CS1 is a video game research and development division within Sega. Sega is thought to have consumer divisions every since they began developing for non-arcade systems, however it unknown which games were attached to CS1 during the SG-1000, Sega Master System and Mega Drive eras.

CS1 had two separate sub-divisions known as Team Aquila, which focused on sports related games such as ', and Team Andromeda, which produced the ' series of games -- both of which gained the CS1 a wide amount of notoriety as being two of the best displays of the Sega Saturn's capabilities during it's heyday. In 1995, Sega also established an internal PC division, dedicated to porting PC titles. In 1999, CS1 merged PC division and renamed Sega Software R&D Dept. #6.Media:DCM_JP_19991119_1999-36.pdf[1] In 2000, the division was spun off as Smilebit.

Integrating back into Sega in 2004, the division changed heavily, with Smilebit's non-sports team merging with Amusement Vision's, and the Amusement Vision staff completely loosing it's arcade focus -- therefore technically making the current CS1 a combination of the two divisons. For a brief period, the Yakuza development team were known as the New Entertainment R&D Department; however, the name changed back to CS1 in 2008. In 2011, the Yakuza team got re-branded as Ryu ga Gotoku Studio.


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