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During the late 1980s and early 1990s (with some ideals lasting to this day), it was almost illegal for Japanese companies to market their products in South Korea. Though slightly more relaxed now, the troubles date back hundreds of years, and an influx of Japanese companies reaching South Korean shores would not have been taken lightly by the South Korean public. This meant that when the Sega Mega Drive was distributed in South Korea, Sega had to go through Samsung to get their product onto market.

Samsung Mega Drives are not known officially as "Mega Drives", but rather the "Super Gam*Boy" and later "(Super) Aladdin Boy", however the text "MEGA DRIVE" is still printed on the system. Little is currently known about the details these systems, but it is assumed that they are compatible with their Japanese counterparts. South Korea also received the New Mega Drive.

Box Name Date & Price Console Label Hardware Software Documentation
SuperGamBoy KR Box Front.jpg
Super Gam*Boy (수퍼겜보이) (>=1990)
SuperAladdinBoy KR Box Front.jpg
Super Aladdin Boy (수퍼알라딘 보이) (>=1992)
SuperAladdinBoyII KR Box Front.jpg
Super Aladdin Boy II (수퍼알라딘 보이II) (>=1993)
SuperAladdinBoyII old.jpg
Super Aladdin Boy II (수퍼알라딘 보이II) (>=1993)
Super Aladdin Boy II.jpg
MD2 KR Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive 2 (>=1993)

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