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Regen is a new Sega Mega Drive / Genesis emulator for Windows (although there is a Linux port) developed by AamirM and aimed at maximum accuracy. Its compatibility is probably at or near 100% for licensed games. In terms of accuracy, all system components are accurately emulated to the last detail, and AamirM considers that Regen already runs many games even more accurately than Kega Fusion.



  • Main Motorola 68000 CPU emulation using Musashi, specially modified for Genesis emulation
  • Sound CPU Zilog Z80 emulated using RAZE
  • Highly accurate YM2612 emulation, with special High Quality mode
  • Very accurate SN76489 PSG (programmable sound generator) emulation
  • Stereo sound output
  • I/O ports emulated
  • Support for 6-button pads, Teamplayer, 4-way play, Menacer lightgun, J-Cart, Mega Mouse
  • Special Sega Virtua Processor (SVP) DSP chip supported; needed by Virtua Racing.
  • Serial EEPROM emulation
  • Emulation of special on-cartridge protection chips of unlicensed games
  • Save/load states in Genecyst format (used by Kega Fusion and Gens)
  • GameGenie/Hex/Pro Action Replay code support through cheat files
  • Full backup ram support
  • Kega Fusion plugin support
  • Zip and 7-Zip compressed ROMs supported
  • 68000 debugger
  • 68000 overclocking
  • Many other features


  • Scroll planes A and B with vertical scrolling
  • Window plane
  • Sprites
  • All sprite limitations
  • Sprite masking
  • Shadow/Highlight
  • Interlace mode
  • DMA transfer (all modes)
  • Accurate H/V timings
  • Accurate DMA timings
  • NTSC and PAL emulation
  • Sprite collision and sprite overflow flags
  • FIFO and VDP write timings


  • Only graphics plugins that scale the output by 2 are supported
  • No Sega Mega-CD support
  • No Sega 32X support



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