Tomb Raider

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Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider
Publisher: Eidos (US/EU), Victor Soft (JP)

Developer: Core Design

System(s): Sega Saturn

Genre: Action

Number of Players: 1

Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn JP 1997-01-24 ¥5,800 T-6010G
Sega Saturn JP (Satakore) 1998-02-11 ¥2,800 T-9113G
Sega Saturn US 1996-11-18 $? T-7910H
Sega Saturn EU 1996-10-24 £44.99 MK81086-50
Sega Saturn BR 199x $? 191x59

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Tomb Raider is a highly successful video game developed by Core Design and published by Eidos in 1996. It was the first in a long line of Tomb Raider games. For some reason, Victor Soft, who published the game in Japan, pluralized the title to Tomb Raiders (トゥームレイダース).

At the time of release Tomb Raider was considered a revolutionary title, combining platforming, puzzle solving and action sequences together in a 3D environment, something that, until this point, had not been done before. It was often said to be a 3D alternative to Prince of Persia (until, of course, 3D Prince of Persia games were released). Tomb Raider was also notable for starring a female protagonist, Lara Croft.

Initially developed with the Sega Saturn in mind, the game was quickly ported to the Sony PlayStation and PCs. With the Saturn's failure to attract the greater market share, development for the sequels were focused on Sony's console, and Lara Croft became an unofficial mascot for the system. The Tomb Raider series would see only one more release on a Sega platform - Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation on the Sega Dreamcast.

The original Tomb Raider was re-made in the 2007 release of Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

Physical Scans

Sega Saturn 94 Sega Retro Average
Based on 5 reviews
Publication Score Source
Computer & Video Games 100 №181, p74/75/76
Hobby Consolas 94
Mean Machines Sega 94 №50, p28/29/30/31/32/33
Player One 90 №69, p85/86/87
Sega Saturn Magazine 92 №13, p70/71
Saturn, US
TombRaider Sat US backcover.jpgTombRaider Sat US cover.jpg


TombRaider Sat US disc.jpg
Tombraider sat us manual.pdf
Saturn, EU
Tomb Raider Saturn EU Box.jpg


TombRaider saturn eu cd.jpg
Saturn, JP
TombRaiders Saturn JP Box Back.jpgTombRaiders Saturn JP Box Front.jpg


Saturn, JP (Satakore)
TombRaiders Saturn JP Box Back Satakore.jpgNospine-small.pngTombRaider Sat JP Satakore cover.jpg


Saturn, BR
TombRaider Sat BR cover.jpg