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Athletic Scale
Publisher: Sega
Number of players: 1
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Athletic Scale is a re-branded version of the Athletic Scale, originally produced by Mercury Steel Corporation in in 1947. It is thought to be a clone produced by Nihon Kikai Seizou (then trading as Sega Inc.) in the early 1960s, likely shipped to overseas markets (such as the United Kingdom) many years after the device officially left production in the US. Similarly to the likes of the Sega Bell, the Athletic Scale was likely not licensed by its original creators.

The machine "measures" the strength of the player by having them perform a series of tasks, depending on the specific model of the scale: the "lift test," using a grab bar at the base of the scale, the "wrist test," using two knobs below the scale's measurements, the "Indian wrestling muscle test," using a metal handle at the top of the machine, and the "grip or knuckle test," using the grip handle connected to a circular disc.

The only known Sega Athletic Scale model appears to be either Mercury's "Twist and Grip" or "Deluxe" model.

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