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CrazyGames logo.svg
Crazy Games
Founded: 1996-12[1]
Defunct: 2003
T-series code: T-456
Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan[1]

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Crazy Games (クレイジーゲーム), formerly known as Climax Graphics, was a Japanese game developer headquartered in Shinjuku, Tokyo.[1]


The original logo of Climax Graphics.

Climax Graphics was established in December 1996[1] as a subsidiary of Climax Entertainment, formed to solve disputes that arose between the company's CEO and president Kan Naito and the scriptwriter and producer Shinya Nishigaki. Nishigaki was appointed as the CEO of this new offshoot, and was in control of the direction of their future games. Climax Entertainment would still focus on role playing games, while Climax Graphics would create more cinematic experiences.

In 2001, both companies went their separate ways, with Climax Graphics changing its name to Crazy Games. Two years later, the developer went out of business entirely.




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