The New Breed

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The New Breed
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Accolade
Developer: Accolade
Development timeframe: 1993-01
Planned release date: 1994-09[1], 1994-10[2][3][4], 1994-11[5]
Genre: Fighting
Number of players: 1

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The New Breed (also called DNAction: The New Breed - it is not yet known if the "DNAction" was added or removed later in development) was a planned Sega Mega Drive fighting game by Accolade.

The New Breed was set to combine motion-captured animation with pre-rendered 3D artwork created on Silicon Graphics workstations. The game was given a lot of coverage in the gaming press in the summer of 1994, with character renders and biographies being distributed, as well as a handful of very early screenshots, but was cancelled for unknown reasons.

It is not known how far development progressed - a simple menu and two copies of the "Pitbull" character were shown standing in front of some simple backgrounds were shown, but after the game missed its original September 1994 release date, it was not heard from again. A Super NES version was also in development but might have been cancelled even sooner.

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