Derby Day (Electro-mechanical)

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Derby Day
System(s): Electro-mechanical arcade
Publisher: Sega
Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (Electro-Mechanical)
¥140,000[1] ?

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Derby Day (ダービーデー), also sold under the name Jockey Club (ジョッキークラブ), is a 1969 electro mechanical horse racing game manufactured by Sega.


The game has horses racing in competition, with speed determined by pachinko-style gaming. Like all early Sega EM games, it is a close derivative of the 1956 Gottlieb and 1967 Williams machines of the same name. Three horses go around the track, and when the horse you chose at the beginning of the game finishes with first prize, the prize comes out. If you do not do anything, the horse you chose is made to be slower than the other horses.

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609.6 mm (24")
1.753 m (69")
508 mm (20")

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