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For the associated magazine, see Games World: The Magazine.

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Games World
Studio: Hewland International
Number of seasons: 4
Original airdate: 1993-03-01 — 1999
Original channel(s): Sky One
Country of origin: United Kingdom

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Games World was a UK television show featuring video games, which aired on Sky One. Originally announced as The Game Zone before changing its name prior to broadcast, Games World was produced by Hewland International, who were simultaneously producing GamesMaster for Channel 4.

Games World aired five nights a week at 6:00pm, with a different format for each day of the week. It soon became the channel's most-watched midweek show (series 1 averaging 600,000 viewers[1], with 750,000 tuning in for the grand final[1]), second only to The Simpsons in overall viewing figures. While the first series had different presenters per day (including a young David Walliams providing comedy characters), Bob Mills became the main presenter during series 2 and 3.

After three series the programme was put on hold in 1995, being revived with a different format as a Saturday-only show fronted by Andy Collins in 1998, before being cancelled entirely. In addition ot repeats of the Sky One show, a short-lived magazine-style Games World is also thought to have been broadcast on The Computer Channel (also created by Hewland International), before being replaced with Game Over.

As with GamesMaster, Games World had its own magazine fronted by Dave "The Animal" Perry (previously of GamesMaster fame, and also occasional co-host of Games World). The TV show and magazine were largely independent entities, however.

List of episodes

Episode Video Name Date Airtime Description
1x01 Series 1, episode 1 1993-03-01 The Eliminator
1x02 Series 1, episode 2 1993-03-02 House of Games
1x03 Series 1, episode 3 1993-03-03 Try Your Luck
1x04 Series 1, episode 4 1993-03-04 Peep Parlour
1x05 Series 1, episode 5 1993-03-05 Beat the Elite
1x06 Series 1, episode 6 1993-03-08 The Eliminator
1x07 Series 1, episode 7 1993-03-09 House of Games
1x08 Series 1, episode 8 1993-03-10 Try Your Luck
1x09 Series 1, episode 9 1993-03-11 Peep Parlour
1x10 Series 1, episode 10 1993-03-12 Beat the Elite
1x11 Series 1, episode 11 1993-03-15 The Eliminator
1x12 Series 1, episode 12 1993-03-16 House of Games
1x13 Series 1, episode 13 1993-03-17 Try Your Luck
1x14 Series 1, episode 14 1993-03-18 Peep Parlour
1x15 Series 1, episode 15 1993-03-19 Beat the Elite
1x16 Series 1, episode 16 1993-03-22 The Eliminator
1x17 Series 1, episode 17 1993-03-23
1x18 Series 1, episode 18 1993-03-24
1x19 Series 1, episode 19 1993-03-25
1x20 Series 1, episode 20 1993-03-26 Beat the Elite
2x01 Series 2, episode 1 1993-09-20[1]
2x02 Series 2, episode 2 1993-09-21
2x03 Series 2, episode 3 1993-09-22
2x04 Series 2, episode 4 1993-09-23
2x05 Series 2, episode 5 1993-09-24