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Majesco Entertainment
Founded: 1986-06-16
T-series code: T-404
1090 King George Post Rd., Ste., 403, Edison, New Jersey, 08837, United States[1]
160 Raritan Center Parkway, Edison, New Jersey, 08837, United States[2]

Majesco Entertainment is a video game publisher founded in 1986 as Majesco Sales, Inc..


Majesco first made a name as a reissuer of old titles that had been abandoned by their original publisher. By cutting the prices dramatically and, eventually, arranging the rights to self-manufacture games for both Nintendo and Sega systems, the company found a sustainable market niche.

Later, Majesco arranged with Sega to manufacture a version of its Mega Drive (known as Genesis in North America) 16-bit console, which had been superseded by the 32-bit Saturn. It released this in 1998 as the Genesis 3 and followed up with a revised version of the Game Gear handheld.

The company's focus shifted to in-house game development — initially under the brand Pipe-Dream Interactive since few believed they could make the transition successfully. Majesco focused on developing for then-current generation systems, such as Nintendo's GameCube and Game Boy Advance, Microsoft's Xbox, and Sony's PlayStation 2. A few of the titles it released, involving popular characters, included a few Bomberman titles for the GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

The publisher had reached financial trouble with its larger-budget games, such as Psychonauts, which sold poorly despite receiving several awards and critical acclaim, and Advent Rising, which generated intense hype but was ultimately panned by critics for being released prematurely and without adequate bug testing. Its best-selling titles in the last few years have been the series of GBA Videos for the Game Boy Advance. It also published the game Jaws Unleashed.

Majesco announced another sequel to the long-forgotten title A Boy and His Blob for the Nintendo DS at E3 2005, featuring 3D graphics. It is rumored to have been completed but not yet released.

In January 2006, the company's financial situation worsened to the degree that it had to cancel two games it was going to publish: Demonik, developed by Terminal Reality, and Taxi Driver, a sequel to the movie. Majesco's president, Jesse Sutton, said that in the future the company would "focus primarily on publishing value and handheld video games."[3] Since that announcement, the company has followed through with publishing successful budget titles in North America like Cooking Mama for the DS.


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