Nihon Bussan

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Nihon Bussan
Founded: 1970-10
Defunct: 2015-12-15
T-series code: T-71
Kita, Osaka, Japan

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Nihon Bussan (日本物産), also known as Nichibutsu (ニチブツ). Had more of a presence elsewhere, but put out a few F1 Circus entries for MD and MCD, and some Saturn titles. Stopped producing titles in the early 2000s, but would license Crazy Climber to Nihon System for a Wii remake in 2009.

In 2014, the company sold their IPs to Hamster Corporation after the original founder, Sueharu Torii, decided to retire. The company disbanded in December 15 of the following year.

They also created the hardware that powers Yamato.



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