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Open Production
Founded: 1992-05-20[1]
Defunct: 1998[1]
South Korea

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Open Production (열림 기획), commonly known as Open Corp., was a South Korean video game developer and later an affiliated company of closely-related publisher Daou Infosys[1], which almost exclusively produced games for the MSX, Sega Master System, and Nintendo Family Computer.[1] All of Open Production's released titles were published under Daou's Jaem Jaem Club label.


Founded on May 20, 1992 by Kim Eul Suk[1], Open Production largely consisted of programmers from the recently-closed Zemina, and of freelancer developers such as Koo Eunjoong, Lee Sanghun, Lee Kyuhwan and Lee Sangyoun.[1] The following year, the Open Production became a second party developer for publisher Daou Infosys, and would go on to produce a number of games for the company.[1]

While Daou Infosys' internal developed team focused on the production of licensed games, Open Production instead focused on the creation of original intellectual property.

In late 1993, Open Production formally merged into computer game developer Namu.[1]


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