Rock Paintings/Hot Hits

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Rock Paintings/Hot Hits
Format(s): CD
Record label: Warner New Media (Rock Paintings) / Warner Special Products (Hot Hits)
Artist: Various
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
$299.95299.95[1]PACK-IN[fn 1]pack MK-4128

Rock Paintings/Hot Hits is a set of two discs—the CD+G sampler Rock Paintings and audio CD Hot Hits: Adventurous New Music Sampler—which was included with the original model of Sega Mega-CD to showcase the console's CD technology. Rock Paintings contains CD+G tracks for more established musical acts, whereas Hot Hits features up-and-coming artists from 1991 and 1992. The disc for Hot Hits is entitled Sega of America Presents Adventurous New Music.

Track list

Rock Paintings

1. Little Feat — Those Feat'll Steer Ya Wrong Sometimes (5:01) 
2. Little Feat — Teenage Warrior (4:51) 
3. Chris Isaak — Gone Ridin' (2:39) 
4. Chris Isaak — Western Stars (3:10) 
5. Fleetwood MacSave Me (4:13) 
6. Fleetwood Mac — When the Sun Goes Down (3:16) 
9. Jimi HendrixFire (2:42) 
10. Jimi HendrixManic Depression (3:41) 
Running time: 39:10

Hot Hits

1. Dramarama — Haven't Got a Clue (4:07) 
2. Saigon Kick — Hostile Youth (3:18) 
3. The Escape Club — The Edge of Your Bed (4:12) 
4. Yo-Yo — Black Pearl (3:11) 
5. The Wolfgang Press — A Girl Like You (3:32) 
6. They Might Be Giants — Mammal (2:14) 
7. Chubb Rock — Lost in the Storm (4:00) 
8. Throwing Muses — Firepile (3:11) 
9. Sister Double Happiness — Sweet-Talker (3:13) 
10. Lush — For Love (3:29) 
Running time: 34:27

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Rock Paintings
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Hot Hits


  1. Bundled with package as a free extra. Full package price: $299.95299.95[1].