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Another topic that needs organising and sorting out.

If it's not visible in the game's navbox, it probably needs to be in merch.

To do

Automation! (outdated)

EVERYTHING BELOW IS OUTDATED. Going to keep it up for the moment, if only to help with brainstorming issues with future Merch templates.

Much better idea. But that Company/Brand split needs to happen.

  • Split "Companies/Brands" in MerchTable2.
  • Ask a smart someone to make a template that lists all merch of a certain type (i.e. marked "Telephone card") in a merged MerchTable2 (i.e. for the Telephone card page). Because merch doesn't really have individual pages, you'd have to build a MerchTable2 in the template or something. Include options to filter by the the below two variables.
  • Repeat the above, but for the company field instead. Tag created merchandiser pages with Category:Merchandiser, create another template which lists everything in that category, and put that template on Merchandise. This would automate virtually all merchandise in basically the same format we use for games. Any exceptions (a hat bearing just the Sega logo) can literally go under Sega/Merchandise. PAC Agency, Spectra Merchandising, and other specific merchandisers could then be replaced by proper company pages, where their works could be automated like softographies.


  • Merch Omni: Food, drink, apparel, figures, models, toys, etc. Only used to navigate between said "type pages", not on any actual merch pages. Type pages should eventually contain the below template to list all that type of merch. If said lists are potentially too big we can always make subcategories+subpages (Apparel/Jackets); this needs to be considered first-off, when determining how to define the scope of each "type page" and any potential subpages (i.e. Cards being an umbrella to phone cards, QUO Cards, etc). Get the above requested template running on these pages too. Think of these like the "Genre" pages to our "List of Mega Drive games". Types can probably remain in the Omni for the moment, as listing them besides Brands and Merchandisers on the main Merchandise page would be redundant and a bit confusing. On that note, not sure if these "type pages" need their own Brands and Merchandisers sections (probably not, for the same reason as the previous sentence).
  • Anything below also needs its games represented on their respective pages. Modern stuff (like List of Alex Kidd merchandise) sometimes represents the "franchise" more than a specific game, so not everything from those "List" pages would apply. Ensure their merch entries link back to these pages. And tag most of them Category:Merchandise brands.
  • We have an issue where "dedicated merch pages" (i.e. ACTIVO CT10 Sega Saturn) are going to get lost within the sea of "game merch pages" (i.e. Virtua Fighter 2/Merchandise) in Category:Merchandise. We could probably address this by subcategorizing "game merch pages" in a similar way we do people's surnames, but I'm not sure how we'd go about naming that. "Merchandise per topic"? Maybe multiple like "Game merchandise", "Magazine merchandise"? On this note, should dedicated merch pages get manually listed on Merchandise? Also make a separate list of all "non-subpage merch pages" for working with.

Telephone cards

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QUO cards

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Shitajiki (下敷き)


Sakura Taisen

there is no escape

For Sonic Retro

Other cards






Drop Dead

Geek Life

Insert Coin


Joy Patch/Insigina

Segakawaii (セガカワイイ)


Games Glorious

Everything else

  • Gucci have/had a license from Sega to use their font - does that count
  • セガハードゲーム機がポーチになっちゃったよ!

Slurpee cups (1982)

Console merchandise

This may be covered above but I keep running into things.

Mega Drive