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Sega Mobile Friends (セガ モバイルフレンズ), commonly known as Sega Moba (セガモバ) was a former points service operated by Sega during the 2000s. Starting in October 2001, customers at Sega's chains of Japanese game centers could earn points for the system by using their mobile phones. Points could then be exchanged for gifts at a later date.

Support for J-Sky handsets was added on 18th June 2003[1], and EZweb handsets on 17th June, 2004[2].

Initially the face of Sega Moba was the 19-year-old "image girl" Chisato Morishita, who appeared at a number of events in December 2001 and January 2002[3].

By May 2003 Sega had introduced the service to 307 stores across Japan and had 240,000 members[1]. This had risen to 520,000 members by May 2006[4]. The service would close in 2013 and be replaced with Ponta.

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