Tim Skelly

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Tim Skelly
Date of birth: 1951-02-10
Date of death: 2020-03-02 (age 69)
Employment history:
Role(s): Artist

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Timothy "Tim" Skelly, was a video game designer and programmer who worked for Cinematronics[1] from 1978-1981. He was hired shortly before Larry Rosenthal, which later founded Sierra Systems, left Cinematronics, leaving Tim Skelly as the sole creator of video games in the company[2] (in fact Tim Skelly was interviewed, for this job, by Larry Rosenthal and Jim Pierce, co-founder of Cinematronics, but when Tim Skelly assumed the job Larry had already left the company). After leaving Cinematronics he worked for Gremlin[3] briefly before switching to Gottlieb. Later on he switched to Incredible Technologies, then Microsoft.

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