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Toylet (トイレッツ) is an interactive urinal system developed by Sega AM1. Urinals featuring the Toylet are equipped with a LCD screen and pressure sensors. Advertisements are shown between games. Players' scores are recorded and can be saved onto a USB memory stick. The system has been installed in the men's toilets in four stations of the Tokyo Metro, including Akihabara, Soga and Ikebukuro. It is being trialed until the end of January 2011. Units are available at Tokyo Joypolis.


Four mini-games can be selected:

  1. Mannekin Pis, named after the eponymous statue of a urinating boy in Brussels, awards the player a score based on how hard and how much he can urinate.
  2. Graffiti Eraser requires the player to spray urine around to clean graffiti off a virtual wall.
  3. The Northern Wind The Sun and Me, puts the player in the role of the wind trying to lift a girl's skirt by blowing air at her – the strength of the wind depends on the force of the flow of urine.
  4. Battle! Milk From Nose allows the player to compete against the person who last used the urinal by comparing the strength of their urine streams. The streams are represented on-screen as jets of milk squirting out of the noses of two characters standing in a sumo ring. If the player's urine stream is stronger, his opponent is blasted out of the ring.

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