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General comparisons

BioHazardBattle1992-08 MD SegaAnimation.png


BioHazardBattle MD SegaAnimation.png

Final game

The ™ symbol is animated as part of the Sega logo rather than the letters being animated separately.

BioHazardBattle1992-08 MD Title.png


BioHazardBattle MDTitleScreen.png

Final game

The position of the title is twelve pixels higher from the final game, and there is no ™ symbol next to it. The final would also redraw the H in "Hazard" to make it more readable.

Like the Japanese final, all buttons lead to the main menu, meaning the stage select cheat cannot be entered.


Bio-Hazard Battle (prototype; 1992-08), prototype version of Bio-Hazard Battle

BioHazardBattle1992-08 MD Title.png

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