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The Mixt Book Player Copera (ミクスト ブック プレーヤ コペラ) is a special brand of Sega Pico console developed by Yamaha (under license from Sega) and released in Japan in late 1993. It is likely named after the Copella, a freshwater fish found in South America.

The Copera is a very rare and somewhat unusual Pico which is not fully understood at this time. It is based on the original HPC-0001 model Pico, but adds stereo sound output, an FM sound chip, support for microphones and music composition and two MIDI ports. It runs all Pico software, but also has its own, much smaller library of "Mixt Books" which take advantage of these features. Copera software is not compatible with regular Picos, and at present, there are no methods of emulating any of these games.

The fate of the Copera is not known - it is assumed to have been unpopular and phased out before the end of 1994.

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