Crazy Taxi/Changelog

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Android: 1.52

-- Changed app name to "Crazy Taxi Classic"
-- Added support for Immersive mode
-- Removed vibration button and function for devices that do not support it
-- Updated "Terms of Use" in Help/Options screen
-- Updated privacy policy link

Android: 1.40

Bug fixes and optimization on a few devices.

iOS: 2.02

Hey hey, come on over have some fun with Crazy Taxi! Now Free!

If you have previously bought Crazy Taxi, please use "Restore Purchases" in Options, then restart the game to remove non-SEGA ads.

iOS: 1.3

-Bug Fix

iOS: 1.2

-Improved performance on CDMA phones (i.e. Verizon and Sprint Networks).
-Bug fixes

iOS: 1.2 (JP)

Minor bug fixes.

iOS: 1.1

iPhone 5 Full-Screen support.
Bug Fixes and Optimized controls.