DJ Emiglio

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DJ Emiglio
Manufacturer: GP Toys
Distributor: Sega Yonezawa
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Emiglio (Electronic Mechanical Industrial Generated for Logical Infiltration and Observation) is a remote controlled robot released in the 1980s. In Japan, it was distributed by Sega Yonezawa as the DJ Emiglio (DJエミリオ).

An Emiglio can slowly move around a flat surface carrying objects, and can "talk" by synthesize a user's voice from a remote control, with its "eyes" lighting up when in use. The robot has no autonomous functionality - if the remote is lost, it can't do anything.

These toy robots were sold across the world during the 1980s and early 1990s by various distributors - aside from a slight change in branding, the Japanese version is identical to the others. There have been many revisions and updates to the Emiglio design over the years, though Sega Yonezawa are not thought to have distributed any of these.

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