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GameDream FR 02 cover.jpg
Game Dream
Country of origin: France
Backed systems: Sega Dreamcast
First issue date: No results
Frequency: Monthly

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Game Dream is a French magazine originally only with contents related to the Sega Dreamcast, which later featured Sony PlayStation 2 contents as well. Very little is currently known about its run.

Back issues


#1: "Juillet/Août 1999"
(1999-07-25, ?F)

GameDream FR 02 cover.jpg

#2: "Octobre 1999"
(1999-xx-xx, 35.00F)

GameDream FR 03 cover.jpg

#3: "Novembre 1999"
(1999-xx-xx, 35.00F)

GameDream FR 04 cover.jpg

#4: "Décembre 1999"
(1999-xx-xx, 35.00F)

GameDream FR 05 cover.jpg

#5: "Janvier 2000"
(xxxx-xx-xx, 35.00)


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