Go! Go! 575

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Go! Go! 575
Studio: Lay-duce, C2C
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 5
Original airdate: 2014-01-09 — 2014-01-30
Original channel(s): Tokyo MX (JP), Television Kanagawa (JP)
Release Date RRP Code
DVD Video
¥4,8004,800 70026
Blu-ray Video
¥4,8004,800 70025

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Go! Go! 575 is a Japanese Television Anime Series based on Sega's multimedia project Project 575. It aired in January of 2014.

In October of 2014 a CD/Blu-Ray/DVD combo that contained the fifth episode was released.

Episode List

No. Title Original Air Date Episode Summary
1 "「Embrace this entire town.」" (「この街全部、抱きしめて。」) 2014-01-09 While Matcha Kobayashi eats lunch Azuki Masaoka suggests that they "go wild". While eating ice cream, Azuki notices a poster for hotcakes and comes up with the idea to sing 5-7-5s (haikus) because it to, was written as a 5-7-5. After an unfortunate day Matcha and Azuki take a bath together where Azuki comes up with a 5-7-5.
2 "「My uniform is soaking, just like the last time.」" (「制服もまた、ずぶ濡れで。」) 2014-01-16 While Matcha eats lunch Azuki suggests that they go to the park to get some crepes but Matcha doesn't want to because "the pond there is a gateway to hell". Azuki teases Matcha by telling her she doesn't want to go simply because she fell in the pond last time and that going will help them think of 5-7-5s. At the park Matcha chases a cat to the pond while Azuki finds out that there are no crepes at the park until tomorrow. Azuki then hears Matcha fall into the pond and runs to help her only to fall into the pond herself because she is scared of a bird. They then take a bath together where Matcha accidentally comes up with a 5-7-5.
3 "「Heh heh heh hee hee hee hee, thank you for sharing.」" (「きゃっきゃうふふで、いただきます。」) 2014-01-23 While at the train station, Matcha and Azuki's friend Yuzu Yosano comes to them wanting help trying to write 5-7-5s. While hanging out and talking about 5-7-5s Yuzu says she is inspired by Matcha and Azuki and wants to join in on their fun. While they talk about the ideas they've come up with so far with a bit of small talk, Yuzu starts to take everything the two are saying to each other and adds a romantic twist to it while she listens and imagines the girls as a couple. Yuzu then convinces them to all take a bath where she once again adds a romantic twist to everything Matcha and Azuki say to each other. After the bath the girls get drinks from a vending machine and Yuzu asks if they are going to change each others clothes.
4 "「Through words, I want to tell everyone.」" (「コトノハにのせ、つたえたい。」) 2014-01-30 While trying out a dance routine for their 5-7-5s, Yuzu records and says they should put it up on the internet. Matcha says they shouldn't because their routine isn't finished. The girls talk about inspiration while eating cake and Matcha tries to solidify dance steps. While waiting for the bus Yuzu lets Matcha and Azuki listen to a song an internet friend made after showing them the video of the two dancing earlier. They love it, and at the park they use the song for their routine. Once the song is finished Yuzu says all she has to do is press Enter on her laptop to upload it. Matcha says it's still not done yet and Azuki grabs Yuzu's laptop in excitement but is then scared by a bird and throws the laptop into the air. Matcha catches it and realizes she has pressed the Enter key. Afterwards, the girls wait for the bus while pondering what kind of comments they'll get and where they should film the next time. Yuzu suggests they film in the bathhouse and Matcha and Azuki tell her that that won't work.
5 "「Are You Living Life Fully, the Best That You Can?」" (「めいっぱいに、はじけてる?」) Matcha, Azuki, and Yuzu are eating ice cream along with new girl Koume Ono that they recently met because of Matcha uploading their video. After ice cream Azuki suggests they go to the beach to work off the ice cream they just ate. At the beach Koume tries to impress Matcha with a 5-7-5 but gets hugged by Azuki instead to her frustration. At sunset, while Yuzu and Koume play in the ocean, Matcha and Azuki think about what they will do for their debut before Azuki joins in on Yuzu and Koume's fun. Matcha offers a 5-7-5 to Azuki and Koume gets mad and falls into the ocean water. They then all take a bath together. Because Koume got her uniform wet Yuzu says that Matcha should wear a yukata while Koume wears Matcha's clothes. Koume say's she'd die of happiness if that happened while Yuzu agrees with her. Matcha and Azuki ask each other why.

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