Graffiti Eraser

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Graffiti Eraser
System(s): Toylet[1]
Publisher: Sega[1]
Genre: Miscellaneous

Number of players: 1
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Graffiti Eraser is a Toylet urine cleaning simulation game manufactured by Sega[1], and released exclusively in Japan in October 2011.[3][1]


Graffiti Eraser challenges players to pressure wash a graffiti-covered wall by directing their urine streams back and forth across the urinal's basin wall. The Toylet's sensor tracks the movement of the stream in relation to the bulls-eye sticker placed on the urinal, allowing players to view their changes in direction upon the Toylet's screen in real time.

Additionally, Graffiti Eraser is the only Toylet game requiring movement of the player's urine stream, and easily the most interactive of all the system's unique software. Due to its requirement of players physically aiming their urination in successive directions, and requiring doing so while looking at the Toylet's screen, it unfortunately has the most potential for causing players' urine to escape the body of urinal (a similar problem encountered by the Wii's unique Wii Remote controller, where inexperienced users rapidly whipped the device around and frequently damaged their possessions).

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