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Version comparisons

Title screen

Moonwalker MD title.png

Mega Drive

Moonwalker SMS Title.png

Master System

Round 1-1 start

Moonwalker MD Round11Start.png

Mega Drive

Moonwalker SMS Round11Start.png

Master System

Mr. Big's Appearance

In Mega Drive version, Mr. Big appears at the corner of the screen and disappears. He is invulnerable and also damages Michael is players touch him.

In Master System version, Mr. Big appears as a cut-scene before boss battles.


In Master System version, there is no falling star power-up to change Michael into a robot.

Hat Throw

In Mega Drive version, pressing the dance button for a short while and releasing it before the dance begins, makes Michael to throw hit hat. (This still takes life)

In Master System version, finding the "Hat Power Up" changes Michael's melee attacks and replaces them with hat attacks only.

Second Level

In Mega Drive version, second level contains both streets and a carpark.

In Master System version, second level only contains the carpark.

Final Boss

In Mega Drive version, final battle with Mr. Big is a flight simulator type mini game.

In Master System version, final battle is divided into two parts and it is more like a shoot em' up/arkanoid style gameplay. In first part, players must shoot 30 soldiers of Mr. Big. In second part, now a fighter plane, Michael must destroy Mr. Big's four turrets on the mountain side. These final levels are considered much more difficult than Mega Drive version's final boss fight.


Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

Moonwalker MD title.png

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