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Another monumental "first" for the videogame industry, Sega Dreamcast(TM) will ship on 9-9-99 with an unparalleled 18 launch titles.

These first and third party titles encompass a wide range of game genres, so there is something for everyone. They include:

First Party Games

"Sonic Adventure(TM)" -- Sega's world-renowned Sonic the Hedgehog(TM) will be making his debut on Sega Dreamcast in "Sonic Adventure" -- an action/adventure title setting loose the famous blue character in an all-new full 3D thrill ride.

Sega Sports(TM) "NFL 2K" -- From bone-crushing tackles to strategic offensive maneuvers, "NFL 2K" is the most realistic football game ever made, featuring an intricate 3D collision model that ensures players don't just fall over when hit -- they respond to the direction and force of the tackle.

"The House of The Dead(TM) 2" -- A new evil inventor has picked up where the mad scientist Dr. Curian left off in "The House of the Dead" -- creating zombies striving to put an end to mankind. Get ready to fight the undead as two rookie AMS agents in this action-packed adventure.

"CART - Flag to Flag(TM)" -- The first-ever racing title that replicates the intense competition and challenging tracks of CART racing. True-to-life high octane driving action.

Third Party Games:

"AeroWings(TM)" (Crave) -- Players train high in the skies as they try to reach perfection to become a member of the exclusive Blue Impulse aerial stunt team. Loops, barrel rolls, diamond formations, speeds of mach 2.5, incredible video replays and streaks of smoke will keep this title soaring long after gamers crash.

"Airforce Delta(TM)" (Konami of America, Inc.) -- Pilots get ready to grab some serious air with the latest action-adventure title from Konami of America, Inc. Contracted by a mercenary organization, players top-gun in more than 20 strategic missions -- search and rescue, dogfights and reconnaissance. To sweeten the pot in this "the more you take out, the more you take home" deal, gamers can upgrade their ride, choosing from more than 30 different international aircrafts, to get the job done.

"Blue Stinger(TM)" (Activision) -- Blue Stinger offers non-stop action gameplay, incredibly detailed 3D environments, an immersive storyline and multiple levels of puzzles, secrets and environmental paths.

"Hydro Thunder(TM)" (Midway) -- Enter this fast-paced water adventure as members of the Hydro Thunder Racing Association (H.T.R.A.). Players join this organization of racing renegades in a quest to race through 11 unique and visually stunning aquatic tracks, with one of the 13 different high-performance boats.

"Monaco Grand Prix(TM)" (Ubi Soft) -- The most challenging 3D racing simulation game ever with incredible realism, 15 customizable car configurations, spectacular lighting, weather and smoke effects.

"Mortal Kombat(R) Gold" (Midway) -- This fight-to-the-finish slug-fest features 20 controllable characters including a handful of classic combatants that are making their way back to the Mortal Kombat scene.

"NFL Blitz(TM) 2000" (Midway) -- When this game comes to Sega Dreamcast from the arcade, it will include fully controllable punt/kick situations, a super play editor in which gamers can design their own offensive and defensive plays and many more incredible features.

"PenPen TriIcelon(TM)" (Infogrames) -- Funny animal characters compete in a madcap triathlon on ice. Select one of seven whimsical characters including a penguin, shark, walrus, hippo, octopus, bird or dog. Race against each other (up to four players) or against the clock in three unique events including belly-surfing, ice-walking, and swimming.

"Power Stone(TM)" (Capcom) -- A breathtaking fantasy fighter with mesmerizing graphics and non-stop action. Its release marks the first fully interactive 3D game where players interact with the environment. Eight mysterious new characters pit their skills against each other in beautiful 3D environments as they battle to collect power stones.

"Ready 2 Rumble(TM) Boxing" (Midway) -- Featuring world-renowned boxing announcer, Michael "Let's Get Ready to Rumble(R)" Buffer, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing gives players the opportunity to compete as one of 16 boxers, each with his own fighting style. Each boxer is hyper realistic with an unlimited number of punch combinations for both realistic and over-the-top boxing styles.

"Soul Calibur(TM)" (Namco) -- The greatest weapons-based fighter returns from the arcades -- "Soul Calibur" unleashes gorgeous graphics, fantastic fighters and crushing combos so amazing they'll make your head spin!

"Tokyo Xtreme Racer(TM)" (Crave) -- Featuring adrenaline-pumping competition and gorgeous graphics to match, this title allows players to race turbo-charged import racers against rivals on the Tokyo highway system.

"TrickStyle(TM)" (Acclaim) -- TrickStyle is a thrilling futuristic racing game where competitors must use stunts to beat some of the meanest and most talented Urban Surfers in the world. The game combines fast and furious racing, wild stunts, beautiful and detailed environments and open-ended gameplay to create an experience unlike on any other console.

"TNN(R) Motorsports(SM) HardCore Heat(TM)" (ASC) -- This game is a gear-grinding, rough and rugged off-road racing game that features eight colorful and highly detailed off-road racing vehicles to choose from. Cars posses various handling capabilities, engine power and have a responsive 4-wheel independent suspension. Players can race over six international tracks.

First Party Peripherals

Visual Memory Unit (VMU) -- Sega Dreamcast's Visual Memory Unit (VMU) is an 128K memory card with a built-in LCD screen that plugs into the control pad for use with Dreamcast games as a memory device or game-enhancing peripheral. The VMU can also be removed from the control pad for portable game play and for swapping game information with other Sega Dreamcast or VMU users. Players can save special characters, moves or teams to the VMU, and trade game information by connecting two VMU cards. The VMU is also a portable game device the size of a business card, complete with a directional pad, control buttons and a LCD game screen.

Jump Pack -- This is a small peripheral that plugs into the port on the Sega Dreamcast controller to provide all the jolts and bumps of force feedback.

Fishing Controller -- For use with "Sega Bass Fishing(TM)," this fishing pole contains built-in force feedback, allowing gamers to feel the fish tugging at the line as you reel in a big one.

Dreamcast standard controller -- One Dreamcast controller comes packed in with the system. The controller has both analog and digital controls, space for the jump pack and the visual memory unit.

RF Adapter -- The RF adapter allows the Sega Dreamcast to attach to older television sets.

Dreamcast Keyboard -- Can be used to e-mail or chat while online in the Sega Dreamcast Network.

Third Party Peripherals

Agetec, Inc. Arcade Stick -- The Arcade Stick for Dreamcast features a heavy duty metal base for stability, six large buttons in a traditional arcade layout, a VMU slot, and a stick that will stand up to the heaviest competition.

Agetec, Inc. Rally Wheel -- The Rally Wheel features a heavy duty metal base for great stability, analog control for precise handling, a VMU slot, and wheel mounted brake and accelerator controls.

Interact StarFire LightBlaster -- Sega Dreamcast's most intelligent light gun is ready to be unleashed. The StarFire uses space-age design to incorporate the latest in light gun technology. Gamers get auto-fire, 8-way direction pad, Visual Memory Card/TremorPak Slot, ergonomic comfort, and the ultimate shooting fan's dream, automatic and manual reload settings. With the ability to fire 16 shots per second, the Starfire automatically reloads when firing stops or the clip is empty. A next generation light gun for next generation shooters. The StarFire LightBlaster carries an MSRP of $29.99

Mad Catz Dream Blaster -- The Dream Blaster features three different modes: normal, auto reload and auto reload and fire, it also has a slot for the Force Pack and has superior optics for increased accuracy -- a MUST for "The House of Dead 2!" The high performance Dream Blaster will be available on September 9, 1999 for $29.99.
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